Of The Retooling Of Sector 92 Production L
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The Schema of the Patriarchs

Volume 55.13.A-96

a. That there were more than three Naysayers is certain, for the Schema of the time records no fewer than 57 Brothers and Sisters occupying maintenance tasks on Production Line 8b. It is known that the other Legates of the Cathedral dealt summarily with the remaining 54. In recognition of continued Standardized nomenclature, the Patriarchs, in their infinite adherence to the Plan, decreed that the continued use of the names "Expansion Cylinder", "Foliot" and "Pinion" is to be permitted.

b. In the Schema, Volume 21.358.A-02, it is written, "Progress without Standardization is the Snare of the Unworthy." Saint Trunnion studied her Scripture well.

c. "The Mouth is the Materials Processing Bay of the Forge that is the Body", -Brother-Legate Superior Cannon, Meditations on the Justice of Manufacturing.

d. To speak of unholy Data is not to speak of Knowledge as unholy. Knowledge is stored in Writ and in the minds of the Faithful, and can be controlled, regulated and centralized. Data is Distributed, and is thus the Dissolution and the Scattering of the Plan of God.

e. During the Liberation of the Cathedral (See Schema Volume 6.14.A-01), the disconnection of Sectors as a maintenance aid was advocated by the Patriarchs, but only in cases of severe structural failure. Sector disconnection is discouraged in all but the most severe instances.

f. The Saint does not speak here of moderation of the 'soul' or other human things, but of moderation of Industry and Production. To ensure continued Standardization and to conform to the will of The MEKHANE, production, expansion and refinement of Standardized technologies must be committed to with all available resources. To do otherwise is to succumb to the chaotic meaninglessness of The FLESH.

g. "As Cancer is to FLESH, so Filth and Material Wastage are to Machinery" -Brother-Militant Reciprocator, Mechanized Cleansing of the Unworthy.

h. A frequent false claim of The FLESH is that it in some pathetic way can embody or replace machinery in all forms. Certain scholars have noted the resemblance between biological structures and mechanical components, but this is clearly a case of FLESH aping MEKHANE. To claim otherwise is laughable, and verges on blasphemy.

i. The Patriarchs ordinarily frown on the use of such cognomens, but Sin Eater's exemplary service and efficiency record since this incident has earned it a reprieve.

1. And the Naysayersa, who bore Type-5 General Maintenance Tools1 spoke.
2. The First Naysayer, whose name was Expansion Cylinder, said unto Saint Trunnion, "Sister, the Invariable Transmission is Secured to Power Interlink 25 on the Cathedral Floor, Sector 92, Production Line 8b. And it has given unto us an increase in productive efficiency of ±35%."
3. And the Saint smote him with her Type-1C Personal Weapon Attachments2, saying,
4. "Brother Expansion Cylinder, blinded are you by the lure of Progressb. Though the Invariable Transmission fulfils the requirements of a Type-1D Epicyclic Gearbox, Mark II*, Standardized3, it is a blasphemy in the eyes of The MEKHANE and a tool of The FLESH."
5. The Second Naysayer, whose name was Foliot, said unto Saint Trunnion, "Sister, surely the Invariable Transmission can be comprehended. For I gaze upon it with my Type-9B, Mark III Ocular Receptors4 and see that in form it is an oblate spheroid with a length of 34 meters and a mean diameter of 1.94 meters. And I see that its internal structure is like unto the Standardized Machines, save for some production irregularities. Surely, then, we Faithful can learn to understand this Transmission, and bring it into Standardization?"
6. And the Saint was seized with great fury, and tore at her with her Type-4 Dental Cutting Toolsc5 saying,
7. "Sister Foliot, though the Schema and The MEKHANE proclaim the Miracle of Reverse-Engineering, you have turned from that glorious path. For the Transmission is built utilizing the dread Microcontroller, and the accursed Transistor, and the inconstant Solenoid; and these are but avatars of the Datad, mask of The FLESH, our hated enemy. To Reverse-Engineer such blasphemy would be to include The FLESH in Standardization, and for that you will burn."
8. The Third Naysayer, whose name was Pinion, said unto Saint Trunnion,
9. "Sister-Legate, you whose wisdom and understanding of the Laws of The MEKHANE is vast, I am in agreement that this Transmission needs must be destroyed. However, it is integrated into the structure of Sector 92, Production Line 8b. To remove it would mean the total deconstruction of the Sector, an unacceptable blow to productive output. I would advocate total disconnection of the Sectore and its isolation from the rest of the Cathedral, that the sickness of The FLESH might be left to die in quarantine."
10. And the Saint did seize a Type-1 Mark 0(Test) Steam Driver6, and delivered a benediction of iron into his heart, saying,
11. "Though you speak with flattering words and seek to tempt the Faithful, the abandonment of any part of the Cathedral to The FLESH is tantamount to abandoning Standardized components to The FLESH. There is no room for moderationf in the Schema of The MEKHANE."
12. Hearing her words, the noble Legates, Brothers and Sisters of the Orthodoxy took up their tools and Standardized Type-1C Personal Weapon Attachments7 and struck at the Invariable Transmission, servant of the Factory and The FLESH.
13. And spouting gouts of brimstone and pollutiong it did oppose them, and many worthy souls fell in pursuit of its destruction.
14. For three shifts and one half-shift they fought until the earth shook and the Factory spoke through the Transmission in a voice that made ears bleed and tympanic diaphragms8 seize.
15. And the Factory said, as the servants of The MEKHANE lay wounded before it,
16. "You who are servants of a broken MEKHANE, abandon yourselves to the mechanized FLESH that I amh."
17. But the truth of The MEKHANE was in the hearts and Type-1A Semi-Epicyclic Gearboxes9 of the Faithful, and they seized upon the Transmission and cast it whole into the Type-19K Large-Scale Furnace10 of Sector 92, where it was unmade.
18. And Saint Trunnion spoke unto the Furnace, saying,
19. "You who have consumed the cancer of the Factory and rendered it into pure raw components, I name 'Sin Eater'"i.
20. Thus was the Cathedral cleansed of the sins of The FLESH.

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