Of The Five Pillars Of The Standardization
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The Schema of the Patriarchs

Volume 21.01.A-01 I, Analytical Engine Librarian-3, arranged this for the Schematists. I have hidden this commentary as I have reached several disturbing conclusions.

a. "A Blueprint allows the reader to construct an idea in their mind and come to truer understanding, no matter what form that idea takes." -Sister-Schematist Frisket, Printing the Truth of The MEKHANE.

b. The Patriarchs acknowledge that the body and mind can become weighted down by the stresses our world. Weariness is not a sin, unless those afflicted by it seek to ignore it to the detriment of Efficiency and Production. For more on the burden and hidden joy of rest, see the Schema of the Patriarchs, Volume 21.01.J.01.

c. The Thought spoken of here can also be read as Creativity or Imagination. Though a surfeit or misdirection of Creativity and Imagination can naturally lead to unproductive dreamings, often about forbidden concepts, they also birth blessed Lateral Thinking, and for that cannot be dismissed.

d. "Thought without a foundation in the World is inefficient and unproductive. Thought without detachment from the Mundane is impractical and meaningless." -Brother Superior Sector Gear, De Rerum Inventio.

e.The purpose of Standardized Thought is not to breed stagnation, but to encourage creative growth and Invention in such a way that the Individual will, of their own Thought and volition, grow closer to the Mind of The MEKHANE.

f. "The mind of the Argumenter is receptive to new ideas and new points of view, as bronze is receptive to protective oxidization. The mind of the Naysayer seeks to deny the possibility of Argument entirely." -Brother-Legate Superior Cannon, Meditations on the Justice of Manufacturing.

g. It is the ruling of the Patriarchs that sufficiently advanced Analytical Engines can come to understand the truth of The MEKHANE. "An Analytical Engine is slow in the same manner that a traction engine is slow- in both cases, they possess enough torque to overcome any obstacle." -Sister-Inventor Helical, Dialogue with the Analytical Engines.

h. Much study and great scholarship has been devoted to the exact nature of the Efficient Production of Thought. Generally speaking, the conclusion reached is that Efficient Production amuses and stimulates the thinker, leads to Standardization-ready ideas, and brings joy to all those who witness it.

i. In the same way that the processing of ore creates dross and slag, Thought produces Doubts and Worries. Alloying of Thought in the light of The MEKHANE, be it as small as a prayer of thanks to one's fellows, or as great as collaboration on a new Invention, serves to skim off these impurities and render the Mind whole and at peace.

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