Pira and Lucy

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Pira and Lucy.

8 years ago, 8 long years Scp-191 (Lucy) has been waiting for the opportunity to see Pira.
Numerous drawings of her has been spotted all over Lucy's containment chamber.

Agent fleasher, Pira's Father and the O5 council sat down one day and decided that
Lucy should get some time to see pira as lucy seems to be addicted to her.
Yes, this did take a long time to prepare for, so we gave them 8 years to prepare.

Eight years later, Agent fleasher contacted Lucy's containment staff and they got together,
Pira was always being told about Lucy, and shown pira some drawings that Lucy had made for
Her, pira was let's say "sexually adjitated" as soon as they got to see each other they both went
To the bedroom and all we could hear was the sexual noises. Then recon team spotted a helicopter
It shocked both alpha 1 and Agent fleasher, it was a hostile helicopter belonging to CI. Then, the war began.

The War

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