Test Log Scp 001 738

Foreword: SCP-738 was chosen for experimentation due to possible thematic links. No physical description of the entity (henceforth designated SCP-738-4) was provided by SCP-001-03.

<Begin Log>

SCP-738-4: Well, look who it is! How the hell have you been? What can I do for you?

SCP-001-03: Just a message delivery, Jack. Next time you head back, tell everyone to get ready. The contract is winding down.

SCP-738-4: Are you shitting me? Not pulling some sort of trickery-fuckery?

SCP-001-03: Not at all.

SCP-738-4: Really time for the scrap, eh? Bloody asshole fuck it’s been long enough. Y’know what? For you, no charge. It’s on me this time. Right out of the kindness of my shriveled black heart.

SCP-001-03: Well, maybe not so black.

SCP-738-4: [Laughs, slaps table] You’re killing me here! See, that’s why I like you: always got a joke and a smile.

<Close Log>

Closing Statement: Contract left by SCP-738-4 read “It’s on the house. – X”. SCP-001-03 offered no explanation as to why SCP-738-4 was referred to as “Jack”. SCP-738 currently displays no anomalous effects when used and has been reclassified as SCP-738-N.

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