Test Log Scp 001 361

Foreword: Due to SCP-001's possible Abrahamic roots and its potent effects on religion-based anomalies of a similar origin, a test to establish if its effects have a wider base was required. SCP-361 was chosen for this test as a low-risk, non-Abrahamic religious object with easily observable effects.

<Begin Log>

SCP-001-02 is instructed to introduce a sheep’s liver to SCP-361.

SCP-361: Welcome to HarusCo! We- oh, it’s you.

SCP-001-02: So it would seem.

SCP-361: Well, if you’re calling, that means… oh hell. It’s time already.

SCP-001-02: Yes.

SCP-361: Well, we suppose we should have seen it coming. Traffic has been getting very thin lately. Guess it’s time to go.

SCP-001-02: You will be there with us, when everything is in order again.

SCP-361: Assuming you’ll be able to do it. Well, kid, we guess this is goodbye. We know we and your boss didn’t always see eye to eye, but we had a good run, overall. It’s been fun.

SCP-001-02: You’ll be there, I promise.

SCP-361: And we don’t doubt for a second that you believe that. See you on the other side, kid. Or not.

SCP-001-02: Heh. I can't remember the last time anyone called me a kid.

<Connection Terminated>

Closing statement: following Test 001/361, SCP-361 ceased to function. Any attempts to introduce its usual stimulant to it produced only a sound similar to that of a disconnected dial tone.

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