Test Log Scp 001 1348

Foreword: Following the death of SCP-001-05, Site 87's Archaeological Containment Unit underwent a class-DK event (Dimensional Shift), vanishing and therefore becoming inaccessible to outside access or communication. Following the death of SCP-001-12, Site 87 returned to its previous position. Upon its return, an exploration team was sent to investigate SCP-1348's containment status, and discovered the following alterations to its workings:

All Foundation personnel present on-site at the time of its disappearance were absent, as was their personal gear, technical equipment and food rations.
Five (5) new instances of SCP-1348-1 appeared in SCP-1348's inner chamber. Unlike the previously discovered SCP-1348-1-E, these new instances appeared to be in perfect health. Said instances were found performing SCP-1348-2.
The ritual designated SCP-1348-2 has been altered, likely due to the presence of the aforementioned instances of SCP-1348-1. Performance of the altered SCP-1348-2 by instances of SCP-1348-1 lacks the memetic effect of its previous incarnation. Since SCP-1348-3's veil was now permanently opened, the purpose of the altered SCP-1348-2 is currently unclear.
The inner chamber designated SCP-1348-3 was significantly altered. The decorations in the chamber, formerly all of proto-Semitic style, now included designs from a much wider selection of cultures, including Mesoamerican, proto-Indo-European, and Antarctican, in addition to designs clearly originating from a much later period than SCP-1348 supposed construction date.
The veil in the center of SCP-1348-3 has been permanently opened, and was found empty except for a series of Amharic etchings on the inner side of the veil: "He had suffered enough, had carried the weight of the world upon his broken back for long enough, and now comes the end, to his beauty and to the world. Whatever that end may be, know that he is free, finally slumbering in oblivion's' embrace. His requiem will be sang until the unraveling. He deserves that much."
No traces of radiation were found. Reclassification to Euclid pending.

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