Test Log Scp 001 076

Foreword: Due to the success of exposure of SCP-073 to SCP-001-11, the O5 board has granted clearance for testing to be carried out with SCP-076. SCP-001-11 was placed in the primary containment chamber and instructed to wait until SCP-076-2 emerged from SCP-076-1.

<Begin Log>

[SCP-001-11 enters SCP-076’s containment chamber, with instructions to wait until SCP-076-2 manifests. After sixty-three minutes, SCP-076-2 emerges from SCP-076-1. Upon seeing SCP-001-11, SCP-076-2 was overcome by a fit of hysterical laughter and crying for approximately thirty minutes.]

SCP-076-2: Has he forgiven me?

SCP-001-11: He has.

<Close Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-076-2 currently demonstrates no anomalous properties or violent behavior and has been reclassified as SCP-076-2-N. It has been relocated to a high-security humanoid containment chamber.

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