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O5-10 - The Archivist

Formerly Diane Walters, a librarian. Caucasian female. Appears to be in her late forties. Possible strong connections to the Wanderer's Library. Extensive knowledge about the Foundation's involvement in previous end-of-the-world scenarios. Supposedly maintains a constant record of every activity taken on Earth from the moment she took her place on the council forward. These records are used extensively in the application of the machine beneath Yellowstone.

One source identified O5-10 as being the most bloodthirsty member of the Council. According the source, she is obsessed with the perceived divinity of herself and the Council, believing herself to be above any natural laws. In her eyes normal humans are fodder, a means to an end in reaching some greater understanding of universal truth.

Some sources indicate a possible obsession with the idea of omniscience. This has not been verified.


Journal Entry: The Tenth Overseer

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