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O5-9 - The Outsider

Adult female of Maori descent. Appears to be in her late-thirties. The only current member of the Council believed to be recruited from outside the Foundation. Despite some irregularities, bears a striking resemblance to Donna Whetu Taylor, a noted geologist who apparently took her own life in 1985 after a massive scandal involving severe academic misconduct was revealed, professionally ruining her credibility and involving her in a number of lawsuits for fraud and the misuse of public funding.

Due to her scientific background, O5-9 is perhaps the most focused research mind on the council. She maintains several major projects at any point in time, several of which have gone on to produce technology used by the Foundation in major applications, such as the Kant Counter.

One of the more secretive members of the council, The Outsider is rarely seen outside of Overwatch Command. Notably, her inclusion on the council is a point of issue with several other members, who see her as needlessly shortsighted.


Journal Entry: The Ninth Overseer

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