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You are required to know these rules and guidelines detailed on this page.
Ignorance of rules below is not a valid excuse.
Everyone here is expected to act reasonably, but rather than straight out reciting a long list of every single conceivable thing someone would do wrong, remember this one rule below.
If you don't violate it, you should be fine.

Rule Zero

Do whatever the staff instructs you to do

For Users:

The secret to not getting in trouble is simple: the staff members are here to help the site and its community. The less you anger, annoy, and antagonize the staff members, the fewer chances you get of being in trouble. Scroll down to see what is frowned upon here and other info you should be aware of:


Now as you may or may not know, we have staff members here on the site to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is good and well. Feel free to talk to us if you feel something is amiss. Make sure to do so in a civil and polite manner. (Well, you don't have to be polite, just mature and civil)

For information on our Staff Members, please refer to the list at the bottom of the page.

Being a Jerk:

This covers personal assault, trolling, and much more. We are not asking you to be overly formal and act all saintly, or being too Holier-Than-Thou for your own good; you can be blunt and harsh but do not direct it at a person and his/her abilities. Think about this before you post about an article or on a thread.


This is strictly prohibited. Understand?
Our staff is developing a bot to remove spam like the following:

  • Random forum posts
  • Karma Watering posts and pages
  • Blank pages

Nota bene: If you're making pages and posts that contain download spam, movie spam, or anything with no relevancy to the wiki, we will block your account or IP from editing immediately.


Vandalism in this site is different from that of SCP wiki, and it includes the following:

  • Adding or deleting sentences without author's permission
  • Editing other people's User Page

All these may result in a block

Prohibited Content:

Being the Alpha-1 wiki, there will be some content that is, on some occasions, unsettling. We try our best to not breach the legal limit and allow the authors to create any kind of article. However, extreme violence and pornographic content are strictly prohibited on this site. If you are unsure what you are about to post falls under the categories of excessive gore, flame-war fuel, and pornography, ask before posting.

Demanding Special Treatment:

Be mature individuals, and accept critique with grace. Please do understand that no one here is obligated to like anything you write. We will acknowledge that other people who checked your work liked it, but we will stand firmly by our own standards and opinions.


You are allowed to use content licensed under the CC-BY-SA License, CC-NC-BY-SA License, or CC0 License, as they allow derivatives and software licensed under the GPLv3 License are allowed to be used. Other licenses such as CC-ND-BY-SA are strictly prohibited. If a member of staff discovers usage of copyright material, the author or the person adding the said material will be blocked until the account owner can prove that he/she is the copyright owner.

Racist Content:

We are here just for writing articles, and racism is strictly prohibited here. This will absolutely lead to your account and possibly IP address be blocked from editing.


This is not the place to troll people which can be accounted for as personal attack.


Example: "But I didn't know there were rules here!"

Sorry, but that is not a valid excuse to make. You are required to know the rules.

My account was hacked!

This is the same as "My little brother did this" excuse.
Moderators may act as CheckUsers or Oversighters if necessary,
and if your account really gets hacked, we will know it through IP checking.
If you are lying, your account will be blocked from editing or even joining this site.
If you abuse multiple accounts, then all of them will be blocked.

Chat Issues

The Chat Guide is the main page for chat-related issues.



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