Site 01 Internal Memorandum

To: O5-1-Sec, <Project Modus Mailing List>
From: Senior Researcher Lindsmith
Date: 5/8/2005
Subject: Operation Stargazer - EMERGENCY

Site-9 has been crippled by a wave of messianic delusion. One of the janitorial staff managed to get their hands on another one of those damned books, and now the whole staff are burning books, documents, and, we fear, some of the more mobile skips on-site. The nearest task force is trying to convince the citizens of Sacramento that their mayor didn't really give a cognitohazard-laced speech and turn into an otter, so the Council has fast-tracked WRC's motion to deploy Modus in that area.

I recommend starting with the umluaq tree of meanings to make the bastards illiterate and follow-up at your own discretion. Volume 2, Chapter 37 of the Codex has some advice about countering Fifthist memeplexes.

I have to go get chewed out by Five over this, so you'll be on your own for at least an hour. Don't screw this up.

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