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Group of Interest: Church of the Second Hytoth

Group of Interest Number: 3088

AKAs: Ortothans, Stargazers, Barlowe,1 Bloodletters, "Squares"/"Heptagons"2

Area of Operations:

  • Earth (Church of the Second Hytoth)
  • Interstellar and intergalactic regions (entire Ortothan religion)

Threat Level: Yellow

Overview: The Church of the Second Hytoth is an occult organization of human and alien entities that adhere to the extraterrestrial Ortothan religion, aiming to aid a universal guardian deity ("Rakmou-leusan") in combat against extrauniversal threats (known as "Voruteut"). The central beliefs of the religion are that the current universe, the "Second Hytoth," was preceded by a different universe, which used to exist until it was consumed by an extrauniversal entity. A group of survivors fled to the newly created Second Hytoth, our reality, with seven of them choosing to ascend to godhood to ensure the universe's safety. Six of these gods died over time, leaving Rakmou-leusan as the last survivor.

The majority of actions taken by the group are performed underneath the Veil, at times resulting in minor conflicts with the Foundation or other normalcy organizations. Group members tend to be proficient in occult practices such as thaumaturgy and limited theurgy; caution should be taken in all interactions with them. Known leaders are Koru Archpriest Farah Onteus, overall head of the Church, the "Second Messenger," an extraterrestrial group leader, and Grand Aímact Priest Sean Glen-Marcas, head of the Toronto Ortothan Church.

Human Ortothan belief systems are known to have existed by ~11000 BCE, corresponding to the formation of the ancient Ortothan Kingdom civilization, though modern branches have only been developed in the past century (refer to Terrestrial Groups for further infromation). Ortothan groups separate from the Church exist, all being significantly smaller in comparison and tending to have differing moral beliefs. Beyond the Church, the Ortothan religion has an interstellar and intergalactic presence, having initially emerged among extraterrestrial civilizations. Numerous such Ortothan civilizations are known to exist, with their full extent not yet ascertained (refer to Extraterrestrial Groups for further information).

Information on factions connected to GoI-3088 is available in the following document.


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Look to the stars.

Do you see Rakmou-leusan's glory?


For all Ortothans,


Welcome to the Church of the Second Hytoth.

Your duties are as follows:

I/ZEY. Routinely sacrifice your blood for the health of Rakmou-leusan.

II/UR. Spread the Ortothan religion far and wide.

III/EO. Learn the history of the cosmos and its predecessor.

IV/RAK. Should it be necessary, fight any Voruteut and forces that mean us harm.

Not all Ortothans must perform all duties, though they will greatly benefit our efforts if done. The universe is resting on our shoulders.

May the Holy Fourth live eternal.

Koru Archpriest Farah Onteus

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