Scp Levington
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Disclaimer: this was originally written on the CI wiki! By Dr.levington so he decided to put it on here ( that's why CI have control over this SCP but levington said to me I want it on my wiki ahah)

Item: "Dr.Levington"
Size: 1.4 meters height, 1kg weight
Usage Precautions: WARNING: Highly dangerous; Usage is as massive-scale superweapon to any who are deemed unworthy
Handling Precautions: Cell is to be fitted with 1x leather couch/sofa, a Personal Computer. If exposed to people he deems "not worthy" he will proceed to terminate them and ask their body to be collected. (only kills those who provoke him)
Location: Classified


The item is used to kill any target it has been given. This can be an individual to a entire space station.Prior to deployment, the item must be stored in a container with humanoid class 3 restraints that can be transported to site of activation. All personnel are to fall back to the designated Safe areas selected beforehand to ensure their safety if this protocol is not followed there may be quite a big outbreak. The activation of this item Dr. Levington has to be shown a image of the target. (this can also be via recording) A team is to be sent post-mission and review the damage done to the target. Anybody who sees his body must be tracked and killed on sighting.


The humanoid entity is stored in a cell furnished with a computer, couch/sofa and light (light will already be inside of the containment chamber), The Containment chamber will be stored within Maximum security and required Beta-level authorisation The humanoid entity is guarded by 10 armed security personnel and rotations will be done around 20 times every month. Personnel are not to listen to what the entity says as this can cause containment breach.

The humanoid entity (Code-name: Dr. Levington)was discovered by the SCP FOUNDATION and then breached containment, he/she was then found in England by a CI operative. The humanoid entity appears black to the naked eye however he/she emits some substance this has been discovered as flames but black.

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