Scp 5128

Item #: SCP-000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Research on SCP-5128 and its nature and properties is to be delayed, stifled and sabotaged at every possible opportunity, as part of Operation 5128-Beholder. Mobile Task Force Phi-65 ("White Jackets") is the Task Force assigned to the operation, and is to be composed of agents with undercover experience, extensive knowledge in theoretical fields (especially Physics), and with Infohazard Resistance Value (IRV) of at least 80. Knowledge of the contents of Operation 5128-Beholder are restricted to Level 5 personnel only. The knowledge of the existence of MTF Phi-65 is restricted to Level 5 personnel only.

MTF Phi-65 was not instructed with the actual contents of Operation 5128-Beholder, and was instead instructed that it was a counter-espionage mission, in which the researchers of SCP-5128 are suspected spies and research on SCP-5128 may be dangerous to the integrity and secrecy of the Foundation, but could not be halted at the time for risk of invasion by outside or even unknown inside forces. They were told to look for researchers and members of the Task Force that display excessive "emotional attachment" to SCP-5128 and apply amnestic treatment or termination depending on severity of attachment, fabricating an appropriate cover story.

The Task Force was given Level 4 research credentials and appropriate uniform, and ordered to gather information and stifle research at every possible opportunity, as well as instructed to use the apparent irrationality of anomalous behavior to their advantage. MTF Phi-65 has at their disposal any resources they deem necessary to disrupt research, including Scranton Reality Anchors, cognitohazards, amnestics of any class, memory fabrication tools, and advanced training on social engineering, emotional manipulation tactics, reasoning and misreasoning.

The current leader of MTF Phi-65 is a genetic clone of Dr. Cindi van Veenen implanted with her memories and briefed on the current assignment. The official report is that she went through psychiatric sessions and prescribed medication to control the onset of schizophrenia. Dr. van Veenen is to return to research with the same enthusiasm as when it begun and then feign frustration and disappointment after experiments and reasonings inevitably fail due to the actions of MTF Phi-65, including her own actions, and eventually abandon the project. Within a year after her abandonment, she is to be terminated, and her death ruled a suicide. She was not informed of this part of the operation and must remain ignorant of it.

MTF Phi-65 is to continue work on the project even after all actual researchers abandon it, and is ordered to replace its personnel randomly in order to maintain the impression of frustrating, fruitless research. New research personnel interested in the project are to be welcomed, but have their research stifled as well. After all actual research personnel abandon the project, it should be maintained with a skeleton crew of at most three (3) Task Force members, displaying minimal research progress.

The file on SCP-5128 is to be maintained largely static, adding another essay or article once every two years. Efforts to summarize it or add latest research must be discouraged, delayed, and prevented at all costs. The file must contain multiple essays and articles in their entirety in order to discourage researchers from reading and engaging with it. The articles and essays allowed are those which do not focus on SCP-5128 itself (instead focusing on the other SCPs and patterns they present) nor make evident any kind of misreasoning or irrational behavior by the researchers. Articles written by MTF Phi-65 agents are preferable whenever possible.

Researchers that open the file must have their activity closely monitored at least for the following month. If any of the symptoms associated with SCP-5128 is displayed, they must receive amnestic treatment. Failure to comply may result in termination of the researcher at the MTF’s discretion.

Actual research on SCP-5128 (from here onwards referred by its standard designation, SCP-000) is being carried in Area-00, which was built specifically to house its research. All security personnel involved must have an IRV of at least 80 and all research personnel assigned to it must be senior researchers of at least Level 4, be experts in their fields, display utmost loyalty to the Foundation, and have an IRV of at least 97. Due to difficulty of training personnel to such a high level of infohazard resistance and the rarity of people born with the trait, along with the other aspects of the assignment being exceptionally demanding, the current number of research personnel assigned to SCP-000 is five (5) and should be maintained at five (5) until less resource- and time-intensive methods allow this number to be raised.

All research on SCP-000 done in Area-00 is to remain restricted to Area-00. The location of Area-00 is restricted to select Level 5 personnel. Personnel living and working in Area-00 must also not know it location. Any breach of information regarding Area-00 and SCP-000 is to be treated as a containment breach. If outside forces discover the existence or location of Area-00, it is to be relocated immediately. If Area-00 is successfully breached by outside forces, its on-site self-destruction procedure is to be activated with all personnel inside it, and no information regarding SCP-000 or Area-00 is to be transferred off-site.

Containment of SCP-000 outside of Foundation environments consists on normal Foundation operation: containing anomalies and preventing knowledge of anomalous behaviors from reaching the general public, while also monitoring, containing and neutralizing groups and individuals who can use SCP-000 in some way. Information on the knowledge of SCP-000 or analogous concepts is also to be monitored, and termination of the individual or group that obtained that knowledge is to be considered top priority.

Subjects in frequent contact with SCP-000 and SCP-000-A must pass psychological evaluation at the end of every week. Any display of anomalous, obsessive or irrational behavior is grounds to amnestic usage, site transfer or termination, depending on the severity of symptoms.

SCP-000-A is to be stored in a standard humanoid containment cell, fitted with fitness equipment, a bookshelf, and, following successful treatment and cooperation with research personnel, is to be provided with scientific literature of its choice once every week. Cooperation of SCP-000-A is deemed essential to improve research and containment of SCP-000. It must not, in any case, come into contact with anomalous objects, especially SCP-000-A1 to A20. Discussing them with it is acceptable when done in formal settings.

SCP-000-A has undergone severe mental trauma, and as such its mental health is extremely fragile. It must receive three meals a day, follow a tight schedule, exercise, study, receive daily psychological care, and interact with human beings in a non-formal way. Informal conversation must not mention anomalies, anomalous behavior of any kind, its containment (or anything that reminds it that it is contained, such as its designation), its appearance, nor its mental health. Discussing Theoretical Physics and similar scientific subjects is recommended. Interviews can be conducted at most once a week, provided the contents are approved by the team of psychologists currently involved in its care. All of its psychologists must also undergo weekly evaluations and have an IRV of at least 85.

Interviews must be conducted by a researcher accompanied by at least one (1) psychologist and two (2) security personnel armed with non-lethal weapons and wearing active noise-canceling hearing protection equipment, while two (2) lethally-armed security personnel stand outside. The interview process must take at most fifteen (15) minutes. If the attending psychologist orders the interview to be ceased, it must be ceased immediately.

As SCP-000 is currently understaffed in research personnel, SCP-000-A1 to A20 are to be given each their own special containment procedures and sent to the appropriate areas and sites, at the discretion of the O5 Council, if there is the need for them to be properly contained or studied. They are to be given a fabricated discovery story or have their origin omitted, redacted or expunged, restricting the knowledge of their actual origin to Level 5/5128 personnel and to the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-000 is the designation given to the theoretical source of all anomalous behavior.

Anyone who becomes obsessed with SCP-000 and is able to successfully understand it by deriving its “natural” laws through the use of formal logic becomes subject to the entirety of its infohazardous effect, which becomes increasingly strong according to the time spent obsessing over it. Other scientific research, such as investigating patterns in anomalies and anomalous behaviors (even if with the intention of understanding SCP-000), do not trigger its anomalous side-effects (that is, Phase I and Phase II). Subjects which do not manage to understand SCP-000 will not trigger the anomalous side-effects. However, understanding SCP-000 through third-parties (even if partially) by successfully following logical reasoning on the subject will also lead to the same set of symptoms.

Research on the which kinds of people are more susceptible to the infohazardous effect is currently halted due to understaffing and the risk of containment breaches.

The following evolution of symptoms have been observed on individuals experiencing obsessive study of SCP-000:

First two weeks: subject becomes increasingly obsessed with the subject;
Third and fourth weeks: subject’s eating and sleeping routine become erratic, and the physical effects become apparent. Subject displays acute signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder;
After the first month (Phase I): first anomalous symptoms begin. Subject becomes progressively more isolated and displays acute behavior change and irrational behavior (such as arguing with itself loudly, vocalizing animal noises, randomly speaking in different languages, displaying heightened emotional instability, and developing paranoia). Subject also begins displaying the lack of physiological needs;
One month after Phase I (Phase II): subject displays the ability to create anomalous objects and to alter reality and time at will, while also displaying decreasing rationality.
The symptoms begin to dissipate if the subject is able to stop thinking about the subject for approximately as much time as it dedicated studying it. However, it also suffers partial retrograde amnesia (requiring effort to recall events and not being able to fully recall them), and the effects on its mental health are varied. Amnestics are effective if used before Phase I. Subjects that reach a partial understanding of SCP-000 by following rituals, dogmas or spiritual beliefs apparently are much less affected by it.

The existence of SCP-000 was first hypothesized in 1935 and research begun the following year, already under its current designation. Early experiments discovered its infohazardous effect and forced Protocol 000-Groupthink to come into effect, carried out by Mobile Task Force Phi-0 ("Big Brother"). Protocol 000-Groupthink consisted on using social pressure to drive researchers away from trying to research SCP-000 or similar theories, using methods such as ridicule (both private and public), forced social isolation and sometimes physical harm. After five years of MTF Phi-0 doing so actively, the behavior started reproducing itself. The protocol was then modified to consist of monitoring whether the behavior continued and intervening if necessary.

Since its inception, it was already known that the effect of Protocol 000-Groupthink would only be temporary, and there would inevitably be researchers who would break the social pressure and begin research on SCP-000 through independent means. Isolated cases in the following years were dealt with claiming mental health issues, exposure to cognitohazardous SCPs, and other fabricated reasons, as part of Protocol 000-Groupthink. Subjects were subsequently treated with amnestics or terminated depending on severity of symptoms.

With Dr. Cindi van Veenen's initiative of starting institutional research on the subject and successfully creating a research team, Protocol 000-Groupthink was dropped in favor of Operation 5128-Beholder, and MTF Phi-0 was disbanded. Operation 5128-Beholder is an active, long-term disinformation campaign which consists on convincing research personnel Foundation-wide that researching SCP-000 (or SCP-5128, as it is now publicly known) is fruitless, and that anomalous behavior is, in fact, illogical and not bound by any kind of laws.

SCP-000-A is Dr. Cindi van Veenen. When Operation 5128-Beholder was established, it was estimated that Dr. van Veenen had been researching SCP-000 for at most two weeks, as she had already displayed hyperactive and rebellious behavior since her hiring process, as well as displaying highly asocial behavior during her time in the Foundation. Due to that, she was allowed to continue work without intervention by MTF Phi-0 before it was disbanded, in order to prevent raising suspicion, but under close surveillance. Later estimates place her at the end of the first month of symptoms when the operation was started.

Before MTF Phi-65 could be fully assembled, Dr. van Veenen was reported missing. A Foundation-wide search was issued, but was unable to find her. She reappeared only two months later, inside her room, surrounded by SCP-000-A1 through A20, and was immediately detained by MTF Phi-65.

When SCP-000-A was detained, it was exceedingly aggressive, including towards esteemed colleagues, and used reality-altering abilities at random, causing damage to Foundation infrastructure, injuring 25 personnel and causing the death of 10. Involved personnel (including members of the Task Force) were treated with Class B amnestics and sent back to duty. Deaths and injuries were explained as a containment breach of SCP-096. After more than three months of induced coma, she returned to her non-anomalous state, but with a much weaker mental health due to the anomalous experiences and containment procedures.

SCP-000-A1 to A20 are the designations given to each of the twenty (20) anomalous objects associated to SCP-000-A, most of which were created by it, while some others were modified by it. Under usual conditions, SCP-000-A claims to have no memory of them. However, insisting on inquiring about them leads it to recall some aspects of their creation, especially reasons behind them, and the emotional state it was in during the time. Some of these episodes may result in violent and anomalous behavior. To this date, there have been no casualties from these outbursts, but resulted in many injuries to research and security personnel, both physically and mentally.

The anomalies created by SCP-000-A were:

Denomination Description
SCP-000-A1 A journal used by SCP-000-A that describes the results of its research. Some parts are written in different languages, some in unknown writing systems, and some appear to be entirely missing.
SCP-000-A2 A Foundation-issued gray retractable ballpoint pen. When looked at, one has the desire to hold and try to test it.
SCP-000-A3 A Foundation-issued metallic desk. Like any other, it features three drawers under its right side. However, every drawer shows different objects and interiors each time they are opened.
SCP-000-A4 SCP-000-A's former room. Individuals that enter it report feeling uneasy and paranoid. Prolonged stays lead to visual and auditory hallucinations.
SCP-000-A5 A blue hardcover book titled “Latest Advances in Theoretical Physics [sic] Magic”. Its contents were altered to display many of SCP-000-A's theories on SCP-000, including defining laws, equations and theorems. Some parts do not make sense and others are contradictory with itself or other parts of the text.
SCP-000-A6 SCP-000-A's Motorola G12 smartphone. It is emanating more radiation and at a wider spectrum. Efforts to use it have been unsuccessful.
SCP-000-A7 Rimless frame glasses with flat lenses. Whenever its user looks at something white (independent of lighting), an ink-like black material appears on the lens and assumes the shape of the 2D projection of the object onto the lenses, effectively blocking sight of it.
SCP-000-A8 A headlamp with a single cylindrical lamp strapped to it. The lamp does not turn on, and its lens was modified to look like a human eye. The lamp always points to the same direction, moving over the bands of the strap and rotating in relation to the strap in order to do so.
SCP-000-A9 A flask of common wooden glue whose contents keep moving inside it.
SCP-000-A10 A hardcover book similar in style to SCP-1425, but titled "Secure Signals".
SCP-000-A11 A 120 cc amber glass pharmaceutical round bottle with a white minimalistic brain symbol etched on its glass surface by unknown means.
SCP-000-A12 A pair of gas welding goggles, which covers both eyes entirely and features two sets of lenses, one clear and another dark. No obvious anomalous properties have been noticed. However, Dr. van Veenen had no experience with welding, metal fabrication, or any related activity.
SCP-000-A13 A pair of orange foam earplugs. No apparent anomalous properties were noticed either.
SCP-000-A14 A pair of yellow rubber gloves. Its weight and texture were reported to be non-existent. It is impossible to feel its weight, texture or shape. When holding it, the team that extracted it reported that it was "as if they weren't holding anything".
SCP-000-A15 A silver misericorde-style dagger. No obvious anomalous properties were reported.
SCP-000-A16 A metallic insulated water bottle, with a black polymeric screw cap. It contains a gray powder which was identified to be cement. Its contents are apparently infinite. The cement wasn’t tested for anomalous properties.
SCP-000-A17 A silver chain necklace with a 1 cm silver sphere attached and a hollow 10 cm sphere made of glass with a 5 cm long red arrow of unknown material floating inside it. The arrow always points to the sphere on the necklace. Subjects holding the sphere report they get the impulse to go towards the necklace.
SCP-000-A18 A brass cylinder, 1 cm thick, 20 cm in diameter and 20 cm long. Recovery team reported that light that shines through it gets more intense, and when looking through it, personnel reported feeling "cross-eyed".
SCP-000-A19 A shower curtain that floats in the air and can be extended and contracted indefinitely. The metal cylinder that holds it will also extend and disappear following the extension of the curtain, being also able to be curved. One side of it is transparent and made of plastic, while the other side is invisible and prevents observers from seeing objects close to it.
SCP-000-A20 An object similar in appearance to a pair of handcuffs, but only one side is attachable to a wrist, while the other has been replaced by an anchor of similar size and weight. No key was found near it, but preliminary tests report that only the person that closed it can open it again.

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