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ITEM#: 5015
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Special Containment Procedures: All newly discovered instances of SCP-5015 are to be kept in a standard storage locker in the restricted containment section of Site-11's archaeological ward.

Description: SCP-5015 is a small object, constructed from petrified clay, which resembles a simple compass rose. Several thaumaturgic markings, appearing to be of ancient Greek origin, are carved into SCP-5015. The meanings of these markings are unknown. SCP-5015 is believed to be a device designed for navigation towards SCP-5015-A, an extradimensional space believed to be the inspiration for myths regarding Daedalus's Labyrinth.

SCP-5015 is comprised of five pieces, designated SCP-5015-1 through -5, with SCP-5015-1 through -4 being the four "pointers" of the compass rose and SCP-5015-5 being the central piece. The five pieces can function separately or together. When separate, the tips of each of the corner pieces and the middle of the central piece will, through unknown means, glow a faint cyan. However, when together, the glow of each component will be distinct and will indicate the direction in which the user should continue to find the nearest entrance to SCP-5015-A.

Exploration: Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 was sent into SCP-5015-A via an entrance which Foundation thaumatologist Doctor Sphere found in the ruins outside of Luxor, Egypt.

MTF Exploration Log

Item of Interest #1: A journal was discovered during Zeta-9’s exploration into SCP-5015-A. A digital transcription of its contents has been posted for convenience. The journal is being kept in the written archive of Site-11 and is scheduled for thaumaturgic testing within the next month.

Digital Transcription of Journal

Addendum: Notice to all Foundation Personnel working with projects related to SCP-5015 or SCP-5015-A: All remaining level 3 personnel or below that are scheduled to work on SCP-5015 are to be rescheduled immediately. Members of MTF Zeta-9 that have worked in or around SCP-5015-A are to report to Site-Command. All non-Foundation personnel near or around SCP-5015-A entrance are to be immediately redirected, or if necessary, terminated. All known non-Foundation personnel with knowledge regarding SCP-5015 are to be immediately terminated. All Foundation personnel under the Eye Keeper’s protocol1 level 3 and below are to be given amnestics immediately.

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From: tni.tenpics|kcirevam_i#tni.tenpics|kcirevam_i
To: tni.tenpics|sitem_p#tni.tenpics|sitem_p
Subject: translations done

Good morning, Doctor Metis.

We finally finished those translations from the journal. Looks like some kind of poem - I can't make sense of it, but you're more involved with the research into SCP-5015, so maybe you'll be able to. Let me know if there is anything else you may need.

Sincerely, Doctor Maverick.

Ideas of a grand marvel.
Thoughts. New and neat.
Time. Some remains.
Our King. Impatient.
Minos. Wants a prison.
More. It will be far more.
A needed source. Power.
Living. A beating heart.
One that flows with time.
Material goods. Transmutable.
Walls of stone. Changeable.
Passages that end. Unacceptable.
Ideas of a grand marvel.
Minos. Has no insights.
A maze. He shall get.
Living stone. Achieved.
Blood. It bears none.
Power. Flows through.
Explorers. Are bound to be.
Trespassers. If ill-hearted.
One of kind heart. Allowed.
Set to hate. All Trespassers.
Hinder. My creation will.
Rewards within. My maze has.
None of greed. Allowed.
Those who share. Accepted.
Just enough. They’ll find.

- Daedalus

From: tni.tenpics|sitem_p#tni.tenpics|sitem_p
To: tni.tenpics|kcirevam_i#tni.tenpics|kcirevam_i
Subject: RE: translations done

Good afternoon, Doctor Maverick.

Many thanks. These translations will help out a lot. Although, one concern - I think there's something missing. There's an important part of the anomaly that I can't seem to find any references to here and I'm worried you may have left something out. Is this the entire translation?

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From: tni.tenpics|kcirevam_i#tni.tenpics|kcirevam_i
To: tni.tenpics|sitem_p#tni.tenpics|sitem_p
Subject: RE: translations done

Yes it is, Sir. That's all my team and I found. Aside from a few potential errors in translation (we aren't certain on the exact wording), we got everything translated to English. We even used the ritual Dr. Sphere designed to determine what the lost pages would have said.

If we find anything else we'll be sure to send it to you.

From: tni.tenpics|sitem_p#tni.tenpics|sitem_p
To: tni.tenpics|kcirevam_i#tni.tenpics|kcirevam_i
Subject: RE: translations done

Thanks, Doctor Maverick. You and your team do amazing work. See you around, Immanuel.

From: tni.tenpics|sitem_p#tni.tenpics|sitem_p
To: tni.tenpics|erehps_a#tni.tenpics|erehps_a
Subject: 5015 translations IMPORTANT

Good evening, Doctor Sphere.

I just got the translations back from linguistics (see attached) and it's missing something. I think it's supposed to be some sort of poem - probably written by whoever made the maze, since it seems to describe the different components. But there's something missing - there isn't anything said about the compasses. It mentions the core, the maze itself, and the treasure, but no compasses.

Thank you for your time.

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From: tni.tenpics|erehps_a#tni.tenpics|erehps_a
To: tni.tenpics|sitem_p#tni.tenpics|sitem_p
Subject: RE: 5015 translations IMPORTANT

Good evening as well, Doctor Metis.

I certainly see what you mean. Maybe he just needed to find a way back to it? There's probably a simple answer. It’s also likely that the creator made these compasses after he finished the poem. I’m certain it's not something worth pulling hair out over.

From: tni.tenpics|sitem_a#tni.tenpics|sitem_a
To: tni.tenpics|erehps_a#tni.tenpics|erehps_a
Subject: RE: 5015 translations IMPORTANT

This "Daedalus" (whether or not he is the real Daedalus, if such a person ever existed) clearly wanted to hide the core from the world at all costs. Why would he create a way to find it? If he wanted a way back in, couldn't he just make it allow him through? Also, why the hell would he need more than one compass (we've found at least 5 so far), and even more importantly, why would he spread them all over the world?

Someone else made these. The question is this: why would they need to find the core? Were they simply planning on shutting it down (and if they were, why?), or is there something (or someone) else at play here?

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