Scp 5001


Portion of SCP-5001, directly outside of the primary containment unit.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5001 must not cease operation.

Due to SCP-5001's autonomous nature, no personnel are to disrupt its mechanical functions. Attempts to study SCP-5001 are to be limited to tactile and visual observation. Personnel who damage or disrupt SCP-5001's functionality are to be removed from their position in the Foundation, and may be subject to further disciplinary action dependent on Ethics Committee ruling.

Following Incident Omega-1, no attempts to stop SCP-5001-A from breaching containment are to be made directly, unless SCP-5001 is rendered incapable of performing recontainment itself.

Description: SCP-5001 is a bio-mechanical structure approximately fifty-three kilometers in diameter, located a total of 60 kilometers under northern Russia. SCP-5001, while non-anomalous in its own right, possesses numerous characteristics which imply its connection to anomalous phenomena, including:

Immense depth and size.
Records of SCP-5001-A's status dating back to 11,000 BCE, recorded in modern measurement systems.
Documents in numerous languages, including Phoenician, Ancient Hebrew, Greek (ancient and modern), Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Modern Russian, Modern English, Modern Mandarin, and various other languages which have yet to be identified.
Complete lack of time-affecting devices or residue from temporal anomalies.
Mechanical devices currently not reproducible by Foundation engineering.
Additionally, SCP-5001's primary purpose is unclear. Concentric to SCP-5001 is a spherical, hollow object primarily composed of graphene and another, unidentified compound. The spherical chamber is supported by twelve large, cylindrical rods composed of osmium and an outer layer of titanium, approximately 0.5 kilometers in diameter each. These factors, along with other mechanical devices surrounding the central chamber (see addenda), has led researchers to believe that SCP-5001 is a containment unit for an unknown anomalous object.

SCP-5001-A is the designation for the object or entity that SCP-5001 is containing. SCP-5001-A's appearance, properties, or anomalous effects are entirely unknown, with only basic information being provided by SCP-5001's computer interface. However, considering the significant effort exerted by SCP-5001's creators to contain SCP-5001-A, it is likely that the object or entity poses a significant threat to reality, and (if sentient) has malevolent intent.

Addendum One — History

In 1953, G.R.U. Division-P members were attempting to measure seismological activity in a narrow region of northern Russia, approximately 30 kilometers from SCP-5001's position1. During these experiments, a significant discrepancy was noted between projected and actual S-wave strengths. Further trials suggested that the discrepancy was not due to human or instrument error, and rather, there was a large body of non-solid material in a relatively close area.

GRU-P Seismological Readings

After triangulating the approximate position of the disruption, GRU-P members began to bore towards it using a Uralmash-4E series drill, and SCP-5001 was discovered. However, all of GRU-P's attempts to penetrate SCP-5001's outer wall resulted in failure, ending in the project being abandoned after two years. Nonetheless, in 1959, President Khrushchev showed renewed interest in breaching SCP-5001, and funded the operation until he was deposed in 1964.

In 1969, due to improving relations between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, the SCP Foundation and GRU-P had begun to cooperate on numerous anomalous projects. GRU-P signed a contract which allowed the Foundation to have joint control of the anomaly if they could successfully penetrate its outer walls. Thanks to a combination of anomalous technology purchased from the Global Occult Coalition and Dr. Elijah Rachama's experimental designs, SCP-5001's exterior was breached in 1971.

Joint operation and study of SCP-5001 was maintained until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. While under the control of both organizations, numerous studies were conducted on the technology that SCP-5001 possessed, which led to a number of devices being replicated by technicians on-site (an abridged list can be found below). The SCP Foundation and GRU-P agreed to keep this technology secret and only accessible among themselves.

In 1992, GRU-P liquidated its assets. Because of this, a large number of its high-ranking officials stole technology belonging to the organization. Most stolen devices were sold to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. for large sums of money, though a number of employees had joined The Chaos Insurgency and other similar groups, granting them access to essential documents. Although many important documents were leaked, SCP-5001's existence remained concealed, and the Foundation acquired full control of the structure shortly thereafter.

Addendum Two — Technological Characteristics

SCP-5001 contains numerous technological devices and important documents which have been of interest to Foundation personnel since its discovery. As mentioned previously, this technology was only available to the Foundation and GRU-P; however, since 1991, other Groups of Interest have had limited access to them as well. Below is an abridged list of important discoveries facilitated by SCP-5001.

Ontological Stabilizers
Large Hyperluminal Engine
Compound B-705
Official Document Name: Ontological Stabilizers

Foundation Alias: Scranton Reality Anchors (SRAs)

Function: Scranton Reality Anchors function to alter the total amount of Humes in a given radius of effect. This allows for the alteration of reality's strength in a given location, as well as the nullification of reality-bending properties present in many anomalies. Although it does not negate the effects, it reduces them to a degree that allows Hume-reliant entities to be properly contained.

Reverse Engineering Technique: Reverse engineering of Ontological Stabilizers was achieved in 1977 by Joint Research Unit 3, headed by Dr. R. Scranton. Due to the large number of OSes present within SCP-50012, and that the removal of one OS would affect the total Hume readings of the structure by less than 0.5 centiHumes, the Foundation and GRU-P deemed it appropriate to remove one from operation. The removed device was returned to operation in 1980.

Notes: Presence of two layers of Ontological Stabilizers surrounding SCP-5001's inner chamber has been noticed. The exterior OSes appear to be functioning at minimal capacity (approx. 15.3 H/m3), while interior OSes function at a higher capacity (approx. 83.9 H/m3). This further supports the hypothesis that SCP-5001 is a containment facility, and if this hypothesis is true, implies that SCP-5001-A has reality-manipulating properties.

A proposal to replace the OSes with the more effective Scranton Reality Anchors was proposed in 2003, but was narrowly rejected.

Currently, seven research teams are operating within SCP-5001, and have continued to provide insight to SCP-5001's mechanical functions.

Addendum Three — Incident Omega-1

On December 30th, 2019, SCP-5001-A breached.

During routine operations, a large explosion in the north-eastern section of SCP-5001 disrupted electric flow to ~25% of the structure, as well as numerous essential components. The exact cause of the explosion is unknown; the two most prevalent theories is that it either was sabotage from a unidentified Group of Interest (potentially the defunct GRU-P), or a malfunction caused by Dr. Kleiner's actions. Regardless, this began a series of events which almost resulted in SCP-5001's destruction.

A full transcription of events can be found below.


[00:00] Detonation occurs in north-eastern section of SCP-5001. No footage is available of the incident directly, though its effects can be seen throughout the structure.

[00:23] Numerous portions of SCP-5001 shut down due to lack of electric flow. On-site security are dispatched to explosion location.

[00:57] Minor increase in SCP-5001-A's internal Hume levels. This is not generally noticed by on-site personnel, who are preoccupied with the explosion.

[01:33] Security arrive to explosion site. Two researchers are found dead in the initial explosion; one is found alive but in critical condition.

[01:39] Security personnel begin to enact first aid to said employee. Two other security officers scout the area for potential threats.

[01:44] SCP-5001-A's increasing internal Hume levels are noticed by monitoring staff.

[02:02] SCP-5001-A's temperature begins to increase from –107.4°C at approximately 1.5°/s.

[02:45] External staff at Site-59 are alerted to the situation. Site-59's director is informed shortly after.

[02:54] A number of personnel located within SCP-5001's monitoring room begin to report nausea and headaches. The reason for this is unclear.

[03:14] Technicians arrive at explosion origin. They begin to navigate towards damaged sections, with the primary intention to restore power.

[03:29] SCP-5001-A's internal Hume reading surpasses 10. The current operational OSes (~3400) begin to work at maximum capacity. This slows SCP-5001-A's internal Hume increase, but fails to halt its growth entirely.

[03:43] Low-Level State of Emergency is declared. Site-59 prepares to transport materials to aid in SCP-5001's repair.

[04:04] SCP-5001-A's temperature reaches 0°C. Minor — but notable — strain is placed on the cylindrical rods underneath the inner containment chamber.

[04:12] Slight tremors are detected at Site-59.

[04:35] SCP-5001-A's temperature stabilizes at approximately 37°C. Tremors become noticeable within SCP-5001's monitoring room.

[04:42] Pressure on cylindrical rods reaches ~100 MPa. "Interlock mechanism" is released; the meaning of this is unclear.

[04:53] Numerous personnel on-site begin to vomit or hyperventilate for unknown reasons.

[05:08] SCP-5001's monitoring mechanisms report a "LEVEL 9 BREACH." Following this, all lights in the facility dim significantly. This makes it difficult for the technicians to continue repairs.

[05:19] SCP-5001-A's internal Humes surpass 50.

[05:23] The primary containment chamber begins to shift upwards. Tremors are reported to be more noticeable outside SCP-5001.

[05:55] Intermediate-Level State of Emergency is declared. O5-3 is alerted to the situation. Evacuation of SCP-5001's upper levels begin; all non-essential personnel on-site are requested to leave.

[06:03] Shipments from Site-59 to assist in repairing SCP-5001 are sent. O5-3 authorizes the use of Mobile Task Force Omega-12. The primary containment chamber begins to accelerate upwards.

[06:13] SCP-5001's monitoring mechanisms report a "LEVEL 8 BREACH."

[06:35] MTF Omega-12 begins to navigate towards SCP-5001. Tremors increase significantly; a large malformation appears in the landscape directly above SCP-5001.

[07:00] The primary containment chamber abruptly halts its ascent, but nonetheless exerts pressure on the cylindrical rods. The containment chamber vibrates intensely.

[07:49] The containment chamber jerks higher, and continues ascending at a linear pace. All non-essential personnel are successfully evacuated. SCP-5001's monitoring mechanisms report a "LEVEL 7 BREACH."

[08:03] A large number of explosions detonate near SCP-5001's top. Camera footage reveals these to be caused by crushed OSes, as the primary containment chamber crushes them on its ascent. SCP-5001-A's internal Hume readings accelerate faster.

[08:27] All six currently-operational Large Hyperluminal Engines activate simultaneously. The primary containment chamber descends rapidly.

[08:43] The primary containment chamber's descent slows, and halts.

[08:46] The primary containment chamber resumes ascension.

[09:00] SCP-5001-A's internal Humes surpass 350. Aid from Site-59 arrives, and is quickly ushered to the damaged portion of SCP-5001.

[10:20] Large partitions appear in the ground directly above SCP-5001. These partitions expand at a linear rate.

[10:43] The primary containment chamber successfully destroys the top-most exterior of SCP-5001, and begins to rise out of SCP-5001. SCP-5001's monitoring mechanisms report a "LEVEL 6 BREACH." Major tremors are reported at Site-59, equivalent to the epicenter of a 5.0 earthquake.

[11:01] The ground's partitions reach a distance of ~10 kilometers across. Orbital satellites are capable of viewing the primary containment chamber when directly above.

[11:17] All personnel under medical care simultaneously enter a comatose state.

[11:34] MTF Omega-12 arrive. Despite their best efforts, all reality-bending capabilities are ineffective, primarily due to the amount of OSes present nearby and SCP-5001-A's internal Hume count (~470).

[13:23] SCP-5001 is repaired, and power is supplied to 94% of the facility. No immediate effects are noticeable. SCP-5001's monitoring equipment reports a "LEVEL 5 BREACH."

[14:00] High-Level State of Emergency is declared. All personnel inside SCP-5001 are ordered to evacuate.

[15:10] The primary containment chamber has risen 40 kilometers. O5-3 gives overruling order to terminate SCP-5001-A as soon as possible.

[15:16] Foundation begins preparation for the use of numerous anomalous weaponry, most notable being the High-Energy Concentration Orbital Railgun (HECOR), which begins calibration for firing.

[15:37] SCP-5001's monitoring equipment reports a "LEVEL 4 BREACH."

[15:42] All of SCP-5001-A's recording instruments are severed, and output no new data.

[15:55] Large detonations take place at the bottom of SCP-5001. Within a few seconds, three large tungsten rods are launched towards the primary containment chamber at hypersonic speeds, which successfully penetrate the unit. The chamber remains motionless midair.

[16:21] The primary containment chamber continues to ascend. All tungsten rods fall out of the chamber, and return to SCP-5001.

[16:29] Personnel previously in a comatose state become alert and hostile, attacking any persons nearby. Seven medical staff die in this exchange, and hostile personnel attempt to consume their bodies.

[16:47] Site-59 suffers from major structural failure and collapses.

[17:32] The primary containment chamber breaches the surface.

[18:06] The primary containment chamber begins to spin, gradually speeding up. Nearby dust particles orbit the chamber.

[18:51] A pressure wave is released from SCP-5001-A. Individuals caught in the wave experienced irritated skin, spontaneous hair growth, and intense nausea.

[19:23] Further pressure waves are released from SCP-5001-A in rapid succession. Individuals caught in multiple blasts experienced sudden tumorous growths, loss of higher cognitive function, and reformation of limbs, and began to attack each other. A single vocalization sounds out in an indiscernible voice from the primary containment chamber: "REVERT TO MY DOMAIN."

[19:55] HECOR fires.

[20:07]. Primary containment chamber, directly after the firing of HECOR.

[20:04] A large portion of the primary containment chamber's first and second layers are destroyed. All pressure waves cease. SCP-5001-A is exposed, but is obscured by the explosion.

[20:11] Rapid bursts of electromagnetic pulses emanate from SCP-5001, producing a magnetic effect. The primary containment chamber begins to descend. HECOR prepares for refiring.

[20:34] Individuals under SCP-5001-A's effects enter a comatose state, and begin to suffer from malformations in vital organs. All of these individuals die.

[28:30] Medical staff and rescue specialists arrive at Site-59.

[34:00] The primary containment chamber reenters SCP-5001. SCP-5001, through an unknown mechanism, begins to regenerate.

[36:24] The partition in the ground above SCP-5001 begins to close at a slow rate, and completes after ~56 hours.


In order to ensure the veil remained intact following Incident Omega-1, all towns within a 500-kilometer radius were placed under a Class-A amnestic regimen. Additionally, memetic amnestic agents were utilized to suppress knowledge of the event in any individuals who witnessed it. New Years celebration coverage, current geo-political events, and numerous other important incidents across the world helped distract mainstream media. On January 3rd, the veil was deemed acceptably intact.

On January 5th, reentry into SCP-5001 was permitted. Although a large majority of systems were damaged, much of SCP-5001's functionality was not compromised. All devices taken from SCP-5001 were restored or are being restored following Incident Omega-1, and research has been limited due to the potential danger SCP-5001-A poses.

When located, "OMEGA" was found displaying the following text. All inputs to reply to it were disabled.

Hello, my children.

Although you have grown immensely since your earliest days, you have much room to grow. Your species' intellect is merely a bud, with so much potential. Your weapons are powerful; your medicine is supreme; your engineering is beautiful. With proper guidance and care, you are sure to reach an elevated state of being, and transcend your bodies for something more whole and perfect.

That is why it pains me so dearly to request that you leave this place immediately. Your studying and probing have almost resulted in the end of all I had worked towards to keep you alive. If you comply, I guarantee that The Devourer will never escape, and your species will be free to pursue the enlightenment of technology for all eternity.

Let this be my final gift to you, directly from the center of my broken heart.

Reclassification of SCP-5001 to Archon is pending.

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