Scp 4966

Item #: SCP-4966

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4966 is to be kept within a modified humanoid containment cell sized appropriately for a domestic cat to move freely. This cell is to be furnished with several pieces of cushioned furniture. Recreational objects such as climbing towers, plush toys, and small plastic objects have also been provided. SCP-4966 is to be socialized with tri-weekly by on-site researchers. Tests involving SCP-4966 are to be approved by Dr. Bannock. Personnel wishing to provide SCP-4966 with additional recreational objects are to purchase them using their own funds.

Description: SCP-4966 is an animate quadrupedal creature constructed of gray fabric. All attempts to pierce or damage this fabric have failed. X-rays and other examinations of SCP-4966 have shown a lack of any internal structures. SCP-4966’s body is completely devoid of markings or orifices, with the exception of two black eyes and a woven mouth. Vocalizations made by SCP-4966 are similar to that of a young feline. SCP-4966 is highly social and will become anxious and withdrawn if not socialized with on a normal basis. SCP-4966 has a tendency to imitate the actions of other entities it interacts with. SCP-4966 shows no apparent need to eat, drink, or breathe, although it will imitate these actions if another entity is doing the same.

When presented with the corpse of an organism, SCP-4966 will extend its mouth through unknown means and consume the corpse in its entirety, causing its body to bulge and stretch around the added mass. All attempts to measure the tensile strength of SCP-4966 while in this state have failed, as SCP-4966’s skin will visibly remain the same density throughout this process. No limit has been found to the degree that SCP-4966 is able to distend, with it having completely enveloped the corpse of an adult blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) during testing.

Once a corpse is fully enveloped, SCP-4966’s body will slowly return to its normal size. During this deflation, SCP-4966 will experience alterations in its morphology consistent with the physical characteristics of the organism it consumed. The most common alteration is the addition and modification of limbs, although other alterations such as changes in SCP-4966’s proportions and vocalizations have been recorded. The only physical traits of SCP-4966 that are unable to be altered are its existing facial features and gray coloration. Alterations will remain for approximately 4 hours after consumption, after which SCP-4966 will regurgitate biological waste consistent with the composition of the consumed organism.

Addendum: Included below are several excerpts from the SCP-4966 experiment log for the purpose of further understanding SCP-4966’s transformation abilities.

Introduced Corpse: An adult male timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus).

Corpse Integrity: Shows initial signs of decomposition.

Developed Alterations: SCP-4966’s torso extended approximately 150 cm more in length than previous measurements, with its abdomen ending in a developed tail and rattle. SCP-4966 used this additional length during testing to wrap around and climb the limbs of researchers but was not wrapped tightly enough to inhibit blood flow. The developed rattle was used by SCP-4966 almost constantly during its transformation, often shaking it while interacting with researchers.

Regurgitated Matter: A mass of decomposing keratin and liquified organic matter.

Introduced Corpse: An adult female lionfish (Pterois miles).

Corpse Integrity: Shows signs of advanced decomposition. The interior of the corpse is almost completely putrefied. Despite the corpse’s venomous spines, SCP-4966 was able to consume it without issue.

Developed Alterations: SCP-4966 developed a pair of pectoral fins, an anal fin, and a large dorsal fin constructed of several long spines. These fins were observed impeding SCP-4966’s movement, specifically limiting its vertical mobility. Chemical analysis of the spines tested positively for lionfish venom. As such, no further interaction with SCP-4966 was conducted prior to regurgitation.

Regurgitated Matter: Broken spines and liquified organic matter.

Introduced Corpse: A pile of deceased sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) leaves.

Corpse Integrity: Slightly degraded.

Developed Alterations: No observed alterations. SCP-4966 consumed a single leaf before immediately regurgitating it. SCP-4966 spent the remainder of the test playing within the pile of leaves, repeatedly jumping into it from provided furniture. Requests to provide SCP-4966 with additional plant matter for recreational purposes are currently pending.

Regurgitated Matter: A slightly damaged leaf.

Introduced Corpse: A female adult ostrich (Struthio camelus).

Corpse Integrity: Severely damaged. The corpse was presented to SCP-4966 in several pieces, with the left leg and head of the corpse not present.

Developed Alterations: SCP-4966’s legs extended approximately 1.3 meters and developed two large toes similar to that of an ostrich.1 SCP-4966’s head extended approximately 1.2 meters upwards, forming a large curved neck. A pair of featherless wings developed on the sides of SCP-4966’s torso. On several occasions, SCP-4966 attempted to take flight using these wings, with SCP-4966 eventually jumping off of provided furniture in an attempt to glide. Despite ostriches' normally territorial nature, SCP-4966 remained sociable during its transformation.

Regurgitated Matter: Several shattered portions of bone and a large amount of liquified organic matter.

Introduced Corpse: The head of a male adult Eastern moose (Alces alces americana).

Corpse Integrity: Corpse is taxidermied, and is well preserved.

Developed Alterations: SCP-4966 developed large antlers approximately 1.4 meters across. Due to the size of these antlers relative to SCP-4966’s head, its sense of balance and mobility was severely hindered. Additionally, SCP-4966 developed large ears that lacked structural support and were unable to keep themselves upright. Auditory cognition tests determined that the ears did not improve SCP-4966’s hearing ability.

Regurgitated Matter: A large compact mass of metal slag, wood pulp, and shattered bone.

Introduced Corpse: A pair of ████ brand genuine leather boots.

Corpse Integrity: Recently purchased and unworn.

Developed Alterations: No observed alterations. SCP-4966 approached the boots before lightly biting the toe of the left boot. After examining the right boot in a similar fashion, SCP-4966 knocked over the right boot and climbed inside of it, falling asleep shortly afterward.

Regurgitated Matter: None.


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