Scp 4922

Item #: SCP-4922

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Four instances of SCP-4922 have been contained at Site-59's maximum security wing. Each cell has been fitted with a Naismith-Henderson Lambda Wave Sink1; these are to remain operational at all times, with at least three backup power sources. In the event of total containment failure, contingency 99-Sutekh is to be enacted at the discretion of Director Naismith.

All other instances encountered outside of containment are to be summarily destroyed with sustained heavy machine gun fire.

Description: SCP-4922 designates a series of hostile synthetic military constructs that are believed to be extradimensional in origin. Instances vary in appearance, but maintain the following common traits:

A monochromatic white color scheme,
Primary composition is of an as-of-yet unidentified ballistics-grade material that bears the characteristics of steel, plastic, and felt,
Speech capabilities, and
An insignia of three crescent moons.
In addition, the majority of SCP-4922 instances encountered have possessed non-functional eyes, limbs, and other design features. The most common design of SCP-4922 is that of a humanoid soldier 1.5 meters in height with exaggerated facial features.

SCP-4922 Instances Currently In Containment:
Number Description Status
SCP-4922-5 Beaked humanoid entity, 3m in height, wears body armor. Answers to the name "Bigger Bird." Contained.
SCP-4922-17 Humanoid entity, 1.5m in height, wears body armor. Answers to the name "Phil." Contained.
SCP-4922-20 Quadrupedal equine entity, 2m in height. Answers to the name "Boss Hoss." Contained.
SCP-4922-47 Humanoid entity identical to SCP-4922-17. Answers to the name "Philippe." Speaks English in an exaggerated, stereotypical French accent. Contained.
SCP-4922-4 Small, vaguely humanoid entity 1m in height, unarmored. Answers to the name "Wilkins." A resemblance to a commercial character of the same name2 has been noted. [4/4922 CLEARANCE REQUIRED]
The whimsical designs, combined with the fact that the drones' manners of speech have individual personalities and dialects, give the impression that SCP-4922 is some manner of weaponized puppet. This is believed to be an aesthetic design choice, as it serves no functional purpose in combat.

Instances of SCP-4922 display extraordinary combat abilities, hidden bladed weapons, high-energy plasma weapons systems, and proficiency with firearms and unarmed combat, as well as a regenerative factor from damage taken in battle.

Sustained heavy machine gun fire is the only known method of terminating SCP-4922. In addition, instances' can be rendered temporarily immobile through the inhibition of nearby lambda waves3.

SCP-4922 is most often encountered in populated areas, carrying out extrajudicial termination of, as labeled by SCP-4922-17, "Class M Damnation Candidates." Confirmed deaths caused by SCP-4922 have included, but are not limited to:

Chaos Insurgency operatives,
serial rapists,
leaders in the neo-nazi community and similar organizations,
members of the now-defunct GoI-24174 "Daughters of Bogal Mountain",
members of the now-defunct Brazen Heart, and
at least 15 male okapi (Okapia johnstoni)4.
It is believed that SCP-4922 operates as a force of assassins under the same extradimensional authority as SCP-2578, SCP-3922, and other objects with the same three-crescent insignia.

4/4922 Clearance Required

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