Scp 4742

Item #: SCP-4742

Object Class: Keter Euclid (provisional)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4742 is stored in a standard high-security containment chamber. Any deviation in behavior or appearance of SCP-4742 must be reported to Site High Command.

By order of the Overseer Council, no testing with SCP-4742 is to take place.

Description: SCP-4742 is a 1.5 m tall plastic statue of the character Doraemon from the Japanese franchise of the same name. SCP-4742 produces one hundred loaves of dorayaki1 per day at varying intervals from a small aperture in its abdomen, which is deposited into its "pouch". Examination of the inside of SCP-4742 reveals that it is composed of machinery designed for the manufacturing of dorayaki from its raw ingredients. The source of these ingredients is unknown and there is no evidence of external inputs; therefore, SCP-4742 violates the law of conservation of mass. Attempts to observe the process have failed due to the fact that SCP-4742 halts production of dorayaki when not fully intact.

The dorayaki produced is non-anomalous; however, those who consume it report it to be of exceptional quality.

Addendum 4742-1: History

From its initial discovery on 2006-04-21 to its seizure by the Chaos Insurgency on 2008-09-28, SCP-4742 was a Safe-class object in a form near-identical to its current state, producing one hundred loaves of dorayaki per day. After its rediscovery on 2012-03-31 in a heavily modified form, SCP-4742 was subsequently reclassified as Keter.

SCP-4742 was provisionally reclassified as Euclid following the events of 2012-06-04.

At 0322 hours GMT, the main body of SCP-4742 deployed a self-propelled projectile, initially presumed to be an act of hostility.

At 0323 hours, the projectile landed at the coordinates 36.5122° N, 136.9006° E with no immediate effect.

At 0325 hours, Foundation operatives discovered an object visually identical to SCP-4742's original form at the landing site of the projectile in the city of Nanto, Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

At 0326 hours, the main body of SCP-4742 ceased all signs of activity. The object discovered at the landing site was subsequently reclassified as SCP-4742.

Further analysis of SCP-4742 has revealed the presence of mechanical elements resembling that of its previously modified form; however, they are believed to have been rendered permanently inactive. The behavior of SCP-4742 is now identical to its behavior prior to its seizure by the Insurgency.

o relocate SCP-4742 are deemed low-priority.

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