Scp 4725

Item #: SCP-4725

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4725 is to be stored in a standard humanoid containment chamber. SCP-4725 does not need any form of sustenance or oxygen, but must be regularly inspected for damages and taken for necessary repairs. SCP-4725's dopamine limiter is to be monitored and dopamine inhibitors will be forcefully administered if necessary.

Description: SCP-4725 is a modified Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton currently taking on the form of former Foundation Ethics Committee employee and Chaos Insurgency Agent, Carter Cornell. Externally, SCP-4725 is nearly identical to a standard Buteo Series Mechanical Exoskeleton with the exception of various thaumaturgic runes etched into its cranial section.

Upon opening the cranial section, SCP-4725 appears to not have a brain to pilot it despite it displaying sentience and sapience. Further investigation has shown that any brain that is inserted into the cranial section of SCP-4725 will condense into a microscopic state, making it unable to be removed and allowing room for further brains to be inserted. Any brain that is inserted into SCP-4725 may be brought forth to pilot it at its will.

As of 9/28/2130, there are 78 confirmed brains stored in SCP-4725. There is no known limit to the number of brains that can exist within it.

Addendum 4725-01, Interview 4725-04: On 9/28/2130, SCP-4725 requested an interview with Ethics Committee employee Dr. Violet Mesmur. After vetting both SCP-4725 and Dr. Mesmur on intention of said interview, it was approved.

Access Interview 4725-04
Addendum 4725-02: On 10/03/2130, an organized raid by the Chaos Insurgency took place with the assumed intention to extract SCP-4725. The raid was prevented with few injuries and damage to the facility, however one Agent recovered the following note, believed to have been left behind by one of the Chaos Insurgency Agents.

Access Note File

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