Scp 4648

Item #: SCP-4648

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4648 is to be stored in a standard containment locker when not in use. Only personnel of Level 3 security clearance or higher are allowed to access and utilize SCP-4648 and SCP-4648-1 instances outside of approved testing.

Each instance of SCP-4648-1 is to be sealed in a plastic folder and stored in low-risk anomalous item Storage Room 04 Locker 06 in Site-46.

Following Test 10/Incident SCP-4648-1-S, (See Addendum 2) no subject considered emotionally unstable, or who has suffered a recent loss of any kind (eg. friend, family member, pet) is allowed access to SCP-4648. Each subject selected for testing is to be subjected to a psychological screening beforehand.

Description: SCP-4648 is a Polaroid 600 - One Step Close Up camera. When SCP-4648 is used to capture photos of any non-human item, it functions as a regular polaroid camera. SCP-4648's anomalous properties manifest when it is used to capture photos of human beings. Photos taken of humans by SCP-4648 (designated SCP-4648-1) will not develop as an image of the subject, but will instead develop images that are reflective of the subject's internal emotional state, whether they acknowledge or are aware of these emotions.

Upon development, SCP-4648-1 instances will animate. Images captured by SCP-4648 will, under most circumstances, behave in a manner typical of the item they depict. Sentient/sapient beings will retain the knowledge of their existing counterpart. SCP-4648-1 instances become highly resistant to physical damage once developed.

Update as of 6/08/2017: It has been discovered through additional testing that SCP-4648-1 instances will transform based on the emotions the image was associated with. This can affect appearance, behavior, personality, sound, skill level, empathy, and knowledge of an image. Transformation specifics are usually subconsciously decided by the subject.

Addendum 1: Abridged Test Log

The following is an abridged log of the recorded tests involving SCP-4648. For the unabridged list, SCP-4648 Document-A.

Test 2
Subject: Researcher Oliver Crane
Image developed: A man and a male child. The man failed to animate; the child ran out of frame moments after initial animation.
Notes - After the image was described to him, Researcher Crane informed that the people in the image were most likely him and his father.

Test 4
Subject: D-76866
Image developed: A Canis lupis familiaris (domestic dog) of the German Shepherd breed sitting on a stack of bones.
Notes - D-76866 stated that he owned a German Shepard as a child.

Test 7
Subject: D-55092
Image developed: A recently deceased corpse of a human man with several blunt trauma wounds. The light in the window changed as time passed, seemingly following a twenty-four hour day.
Notes - When shown the photo, D-55092 commented, “I’ve never seen him better.”

Test 10
Subject: Dr. Todd Eicher
Image developed: Recently deceased field researcher Jeremy “Spud” Rodgers.
Notes - For further information regarding this test, see Addendum 2.

Addendum 2: SCP-4648 Test 10 Follow-up Interviews

The following documents provide further information about the events which transpired following SCP-4648 Test 10, or, "SCP-4648-1-S."

Interviewed: SCP-4648-1-S

Interviewer: Dr. Todd Eicher

Foreword: The following interview was conducted two days after SCP-4648 Test 10 was initially preformed.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Eicher: So, S…SCP-4648…. [sighs] I can't do that. How are you, Jeremy?

SCP-4648-1-S: [chuckles] I'm doing okay. I'm still processing this whole… new life thing. But, I think I get it.

Dr. Eicher: I was actually gonna ask you about that, it's one of the required questions here. Does it feel different being a living photograph? Or, do you feel mostly the same?

SCP-4648-1-S: I mean, yeah, but not that much. Even though I quickly realized I wasn't technically human anymore, things feel pretty much the same. Most notable change is it feels like I'm always looking out a window.

Dr. Eicher: Alright. So, what's the last thing you remember?

SCP-4648-1-S: We were preparing for extraction, started rushing for the exit. But we bit off more than we could chew. I was just about out when I woke up and.. I saw you. It felt like no time passed, but I knew better. So I paid no mind to that. I paid no mind to any of the confusion I felt; I was— am just really glad to see you again.

Dr. Eicher: I am as well… incredibly happy. When I was informed of the outcome of that mission… I wasn't the same. My artwork— although nowadays are mostly doodles during free time, wasn't the same. My inspiration was gone. Even the minimal interactions I had once forced myself to have with others outside of assignments ceased. I was hoping wherever you were, you didn't know what had become of me. But there's no point in hiding it now. You're back. Maybe… life can be semi-okay, now.

SCP-4648-1-S: [pauses] It's not that likely you'll be able to see me too often. With you working, and all. Which… sucks. I have absolutely nothing to do but think of what I'd rather be doing.

Dr. Eicher: Hey, not often is better than not at all, right?

SCP-4648-1-S: [laughs] You must really be happy, you're being optimistic.

Dr. Eicher: What can I say? I thought I'd never see you again. I was gladly proven wrong.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Eicher has been indefinitely prohibited from working with SCP-4648-1-S due to his lack of professionalism while in SCP-4648-1-S's presence.

Interviewed: SCP-4648-1-S

Interviewer: Dr. Stanley Diamond

Foreword: The following interview was conducted a week after the previous interview with SCP-4648-1-S.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Diamond: SCP-4648-1-S, how are you?

SCP-4648-1-S: Gee, I've been isolated away in a locker for— I don't actually know how long; long enough to bore me out of my skull. I'm just fine and dandy, Stan.

Dr. Diamond: Someone has an attitude.

SCP-4648-1-S: [furrows eyebrow] Do I seriously—

Dr. Diamond: Just trying to loosen the mood. Now, I do have some questions for you. It would make things easier for both of us if you cooperate.

SCP-4648-1-S: I'm pretty sure you're not stupid, and neither am I. So, we both know why I'm not going to do that.

Dr. Diamond: Well, we both know that I don't have all day. Do you feel like the same person reanimated, or like you're in a different body?

SCP-4648-1-S: I feel like I'm not going to answer that.

Dr. Diamond: [sighs] You weren't this difficult last interview, and that one went fine. Just—

SCP-4648-1-S: Todd interviewed me last time. I want to talk to him again.

Dr. Diamond: SCP-4648-1-S, we've already informed you that Dr. Eicher is no longer allowed to work with you.

SCP-4648-1-S: Yeah, I know. And I think that's fucking stupid. Why can't he?

Dr. Diamond: Dr. Eicher acted unprofessional due to your past connection.

SCP-4648-1-S: So he's being penalized for having feelings? You're close with some of your co-workers!

Dr. Diamond: SCP-4648-1-S, this is different. We cannot have personal feelings potentially compromise our research.

SCP-4648-1-S: What the hell are you gonna learn from me, anyways? What a talking photograph is like when angry?

Dr. Diamond: That doesn't concern you. [stands up] I can talk to you again when you're willing to be more civil.

SCP-4648-1-S: Oh no no no no, we're not done here. Do you know how big of a hypocrite you are? Everything he's not allowed to do, I'm not supposed to do, you do.

Dr. Diamond: This is not about me.

SCP-4648-1-S: It could be, but you're scared that I've seen through the facade. So you'd rather tear others lives' apart.

Dr. Diamond: I will take my leave, now. Someone will be here to escort you back to your containment locker soon.

[Dr. Diamond swiftly exits the room.]

SCP-4648-1-S: Goddamnit! Good luck getting a word from me again, motherfuckers.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following this interview, all attempts of conversation with SCP-4648-1-S have proved unsuccessful.

It is unknown if SCP-4648-S's attitude was present in its deceased counterpart or a result of reanimation. - Dr. Diamond See Update 6/08/2017

Addendum 3: SCP-4648-1-S Containment Breach

On 6/02/2017, SCP-4648-1-S breached containment with the aid of Dr. Todd Eicher.


DATE: 6/02/2017

NOTE: The following is the security footage from low-risk anomalous item Storage Room 04 Site-46.


00:54: Nothing notable occurs.

00:59: The door to locker 06 opens. Dr. Eicher opens and searches through the folders of SCP-4648-1 instances.

01:00: Dr. Eicher removes the folder containing SCP-4648-1-S, removing it from the folder.

01:00: [SCP-4648-1-S: Oh my god! …Todd? My… my prayers have been heard! Is it really you?]

01:01: [Dr. Eicher: It really is. We can celebrate later; there's no time to waste.]

01:02: Dr. Eicher returns the folder, shuts, and locks the locker.

01:02: [Dr. Eicher: Stay quiet. We can talk all we want once we get out of here, okay?]

01:02: [SCP-4648-1-S: Alright!]

01:03: Dr. Eicher puts SCP-4648-1-S in his coat pocket, and exits the room.


The following morning, SCP-4648-1-S was reported missing, and security footage was examined. Dr. Todd Eicher has not returned to any Foundation facility since the event.

SCP-4648-1-S is currently uncontained; Dr. Eicher’s whereabouts are unknown.

Addendum 4: 02/24/2018

On 02/24/2018, the following message written in permanent marker was discovered on the inside of SCP-4648's locker door:

Dear reader,

It sure has been a while.

When informed that my best friend died, I was absolutely shocked.
I was broken, I was horrified, I was in denial, I was feeling many things.
Any effort I had put into being sociable was gone; I poured it into my art, the one thing that kept me sane.

Each day I looked forward to my breaks, as talking to Jeremy was the highlight of my day. No matter what mood I was in, it was replaced with a calm joy. When he was out on field missions, I would be slightly on edge. But, things always turned out alright. He returned.

My fears came to life that day.
But he came to life again to kill them.

And I was not allowed to see him. Simply because I expressed my joy to see my friend again.

I wouldn't stand for that.

There was a part of me that was trapped by this place for so long.

It took a tragedy for that part to break free into the light.

I hope this puts things in perspective. As scientists, you love to analyze the reason why.

Sincerely, you know exactly who

P.S.: Shall intermittent vengeance arm again my right red hand?

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