Scp 445 Ex

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Item #: SCP-445-EX

Object Class: Explained

Containment Procedures: No further containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-445-EX is a collection of Dr. Wondertainment (GoI-386) brand origami kits, each labelled "Dr. Wondertainment's Origami Ori-Games". Inside each kit are 36 square pieces of construction paper, of various colors, and a paper booklet that gives instructions on how to make several origami figures with the provided papers. Pouring salt over the paper will activate microscopic sensors calibrated to detect salt crystals, which in turn activate dielectric elastomers1 within the construction paper.

The resulting effect is a minimal but thematically appropriate movement — for example, a crane made with this paper, following the instructions in the booklet exactly, will slowly flap its wings when introduced to salt.

Due to the Dr. Wondertainment brand, SCP-445-EX were immediately confiscated from storefronts across the United States, and given an SCP number and Euclid object class. However, research quickly revealed that SCP-445-EX were, despite their seemingly anomalous effects, entirely mundane in nature. SCP-445-EX's effects were able to be reproduced using non-anomalous means.

Further inquiry discovered that SCP-445-EX had arrived at storefronts in a non-anomalous fashion, against the usual operations of GoI-386. Documents tracing the acquisition of SCP-445-EX determined that they were being manufactured at a GoI-386 owned factory in Boston. Covert surveillance of the factory discovered no anomalous activity within, except for the presence of two workers matching the profiles for Wonder World denizens. Said individuals, however, hid their anomalous nature from other mundane workers within the building.

The GoI-386 Research & Investigation team met on 04/12/2042 to discuss how best to proceed. Dr. Justine Everwood, the head of the team, suggested they call the help number in the back of the booklets, and ask directly about the product. Despite mixed feedback, it was agreed that the possibility of negative consequences was minimal. Calling the number yielded the following conversation:

Dr. Everwood volunteered to be the interviewer of PoI-386-Prime-3. On 4/20/2042, Dr. Everwood met Holly Light at Donnie's Coffee Roasters in Boston, Massachusetts. After introductions, Dr. Everwood placed a microphone on the table, and the following conversation was recorded.

As of 6/18/2042, the O5 Council has unanimously accepted GoI-386's proposal for a peaceful relationship. The GoI-386 Research & Investigation Team is being moved to a location within Wonder World. GoI-386 has agreed to share openly with them all future Dr. Wondertainment market operations.

Dr. Everwood has retired at age 56.

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