Scp 3937

Item #: SCP-3937

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3937-1 have been cremated, and non-Euclidean portions of Site-112 have been properly sealed by containment teams. Any similar future spatial distortions within any Foundation site, as well as any manifestation of SCP-3937-1 instances, must immediately be reported to the local HCML supervisor and O5 Secretariat Office.

Description: SCP-3937 was a non-Euclidean space occupying a former testing lab in the sub-basement of Site-112.1 At the time of its discovery, it contained approximately 250 heavily decomposed cadavers, collectively designated SCP-3937-1, genetically identical to all current Site-112 staff. In follow-up interviews, no staff members were able to account for the similarity of SCP-3937 to personnel, or their sudden appearance.

► POI 3937-A (Oskar Hansen) ● LEVEL 3937-3 CLASSIFIED
► 01/03/2018 Site-112 Video Footage ● O5 ACCESS ONLY
As of 17/02/2018, we have determined that SCP-3937 was caused by the temporary incursion of a very similar parallel universe into our reality, creating the non-Euclidian space observed and depositing all instances of SCP-3937-1. As it is possible for this type of incursion to repeat, it is imperative that all personnel report any suspected instances to their local HCML supervisor and O5 Secretariat Office. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination from Foundation employment.

O5 Command

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