Scp 3741

The following Database is classified to Level 1 staff only

Item #: SCP-3741

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, all known instances of SCP-3741 are being contained in separate salt water tanks at Site-77. The number of SCP-3741 instances in containment should not exceed fifty at any time. As such, surplus instances are to be incinerated.

Should any wild instances be discovered, MTF Sigma-13 ("Food Fighters") will be deployed to recover them and return to Site-77. As such, MTF Sigma-13 agents embedded in various national food safety regulatory bodies1 will routinely visit oyster farms under their jurisdiction that are known to raise eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica) and are to confiscate any instances of SCP-3741 that they find.

Under no circumstances should an instance of SCP-3741 be ingested. Should an instance be consumed, all responsible individuals are to be detained, interrogated, and amnesticized.

Description: SCP-3741 is a phenomenon that is currently exhibited by 29 eastern oysters, but may extend to a small quantity of wild oysters. Instances can be differentiated from non-anomalous oysters due to a variety of biological traits, including functional immortality2, dull pink meat, and physically identical dark shells. Despite demonstrating the inability to age, SCP-3741 instances are capable of sexual reproduction, and are hermaphroditic like non-anomalous eastern oysters, but can only reproduce with other instances of SCP-3741.

In addition to biological deviations from non-anomalous eastern oysters, instances of SCP-3741 are known to induce a memetic effect when consumed by a subject, hereafter designated as SCP-3741-A. Upon ingestion, SCP-3741-A will become immediately aware of an acquisition of extensive knowledge on a specific topic. The nature of this knowledge varies between instances, but is always related to the desires of the SCP-3741-A instance. See Addendum 3741-B for more information.

Addendum 3741-A: Discovery

SCP-3741 was discovered after Foundation agents embedded in the FDA were notified of an abnormal bloom of oysters at ███████ █████ Oyster Farm in ████████, Maine. In response, the agents visited the farm and confiscated the oysters, logging them as an Anomalous Object under the designation AO-697837. During routine testing, the secondary anomalous properties were discovered, thus warranting an upgrade to SCP.

3741-B: Test Log

The following is an abridged list of tests involving SCP-3741.

Test 3741-1

Subject D-2452, one instance of AO-697837 SCP-3741
Experiment D-2452 instructed to open and consume the instance.
Results D-2452 opened and consumed the instance of AO-697837 SCP-3741, despite initial resistance due to the pink color of the flesh. D-2452 reported no abnormal taste, smell, or texture. Following the test, D-2452 reported an interest in music and requested an instrument. The request was denied.

Test 3741-2

Subject D-2452, one instance of AO-697837 SCP-3741
Experiment D-2452 instructed to steam and ingest one instance of AO-697837 SCP-3741.
Results D-2452 did as instructed and reported no abnormal taste, smell, or texture. Immediately following the conclusion of this test, D-2452 attempted to flee from Foundation custody by assaulting the security officer who was escorting them back to their cell. D-2452 was soon apprehended and terminated by on-site security and AO-697837 was subsequently upgraded to SCP-3741. Further testing has been suspended.

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