Scp 3545

Item#: SCP-3545

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Testing with SCP-3545 is currently suspended indefinitely. Individuals who utilize or have utilized SCP-3545 are to be supplied amnestics and monitored. Existing instances of SCP-3545-1 are to be cordoned off permanently using standard protocol most suited for the location. As of this moment, there are over 1,094 sites of interest that contain SCP-3545-1 instances. The location of SCP-3545 is currently known only to the O5 council.

Description: SCP-3545 is the designation for an antique crystal drinking glass of unknown origin. The glass bears no identifying marks or artist etchings and is made of non-anomalous material.

When an individual or individuals maintain eye contact with SCP-3545 and concentrate on the object. it will begin to fill with a black liquid of unknown composition. During this process, the liquid is unable to be accessed. Individuals filling item are subject to detrimental neurodegenerative illness, the strength of which is compounded the longer individuals interact with the item.

After several minutes of sustained concentration, SCP-3545 will fill completely and its contents can be accessed via ingestion and a few rare esoteric items, including [DATA PURGED PER O5 REQUEST].

Upon ingestion, subjects will become instantaneously aware of two four-vector coordinates in spacetime. These coordinates refer to the location and initial time of the manifestation of a ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario, referred to as SCP-3545-1.

After the initial manifestation time, instances will disappear from our reality, only to resurface every ██ days during the same time. It has been determined that use of SCP-3545 causes these manifestations, and does not simply indicate their location.

During the SCP-3545-1 instance, any individual who passes through the boundaries and exits the other side will experience the ZK-Class Scenario as a manifestation of their own subconscious. In this right, individuals inside SCP-3545-1 become temporary high-level reality benders, but have little control over how the Event develops. The experience is described as "dream-like" and may or may not involve memories of those affected. Unlike previously hypothesized, the occurrence is not hallucinogenic by nature, but a corporeal, alternate form of reality. Electroencephalography tests taken on affected individuals reveal absolutely no change from baseline brainwaves, aside from natural reactions to what they experience.

Containment and correction of SCP-3545-1 instances is considered a top priority. Experimental reality anchors/stabilizers are currently in development for use of correcting abnormal Hume fields in SCP-3545-1.

Good luck with that. I've seen the tech, it's good stuff. If it were anything else, I would have higher hopes. It won't work though. Try as you may, the holes are here, perforating our existence.

Only the dreamer has control over the dream. Even then, they'd have to be lucid.

It does make you wonder though, doesn't it? About us, and the rest of this god-forsaken universe.

We are like the dreamer. And one day, our Dreamer will wake. They will wake and our world will melt away. Only this time, none of us will be on the outside. There will be no curtain to pull back. No canvas to paint.

It will be only the Dreamer and his world. Not ours.

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