Item #: SCP-3434

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Agents embedded in hospital maternity wards are to maintain a lookout for cases of traumatic births, maternal death, and/or post-birth symptoms of SCP-3434. If identified, Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") is to be contacted to verify if the identified symptoms and situation represent a case of SCP-3434. If verified, the identified E-3434 instance is to be intercepted. Amnestic treatment for the E-3434 instance's kin and guardians is allowed, if applicable. The identified E-3434 instance is to be recorded as deceased in absentia.

E-3434 instances are to be held at Sites-06, 23, 44, 137, and 253, and are to be classified as E-class personnel while under Foundation custody. Residential areas for E-3434 instances are to maintain illuminance of less than 1.0 lx. Attending personnel may use night vision goggles to facilitate vision while interacting with E-3434 instances. Certain E-3434 instances may be required to wear straightjackets to mitigate self-injury.

After all relevant information have been obtained and/or if no unique information can be obtained, E-3434 instances may undergo amnestic treatment via Class E amnestics and can be reintroduced to civilian population under a newly created identity.

Description: SCP-3434 is an anomalous variant of post-term pregnancy, characterised by the affected foetus attempting various actions to hinder its birth. Examples of these actions include:

Contorting itself to resist the contraction of uterine muscular walls.
Struggling when held after its removal from the uterus.
Repositioning itself within the uterus to avoid contact with surgical equipment such as obstetric vacuum cups or forceps.
Preventing the umbilical cord from being cut via surgical equipment.
Grappling onto the uterine wall.
As a result of these actions, there is an increased risk of maternal death. Approximately 20% of SCP-3434 cases result in maternal death, while survivors tend to suffer from non-anomalous psychological trauma following the episode.

Most children affected by SCP-3434 (also referred to as 'E-3434 instances') have been delivered successfully, at approximately 93% of known cases. Approximately 5% of known cases result in the expiration of the E-3434 instance during the mother's attempt to give birth, while the remainder involve the fully grown foetus persisting in the uterus until its death due to lack of nourishment following placental deterioration.

In terms of physiological development, E-3434 instances are indistinguishable from non-anomalous humans. However, every E-3434 instance has claimed to have experienced one fatal event. Additionally, many E-3434 instances have displayed the following behaviours:

Visual perceptional avoidance when surrounding illuminance is above 1.0 lx. E-3434 instances usually accomplish this by either perpetually closing their eyes or using a foreign object to obscure their vision. In a few cases, some have attempted rubbing their eyes to the extent that the resultant friction is capable of damaging their eyes and eyelids.
Increase in acute stress response, typically when introduced to phenomena such as alarms, screams, heat sources, injuries inter alia (varies according to E-3434 instances). E-3434 instances will then attempt to relocate to enclosed areas of lower illuminance and assume a fetal position.
All aforementioned behaviours will cease upon Class E amnestic treatment.

To date, the cause of SCP-3434 is unknown. Autopsies and inspections of various E-3434 instances indicate no consistent physical deformity, bacterial or viral infection suggestive of a mediating variable. DNA testing verifies that each E-3434 instance is the biological offspring of the respective mother, and indicate no correlation of genetic markers between E-3434 instances.

The existence of SCP-3434 has been known to the Foundation since the early 20th century when the first known case was identified in Tianjin. As of 2015, confirmed cases of SCP-3434 have been identified on every human-inhabited continent across the world and there has been confirmed ██ E-3434 instances. It is plausible that there is an unknown number of E-3434 instances who remain undetected by the Foundation, whose symptoms have been regarded as non-anomalous psychological conditions.

Addendum 3434-1: Selected Interview Excerpts

Interviewee: E-3434-5 (b. ██/03/1932 — d. ██/01/1998)

<Begin Excerpt>
E-3434-5: That's when the pain stopped.

Interviewer: What kind of pain?
E-3434-5: Chest. Arms. Head. Everywhere. They were all over me, the hammers and hymns. It stopped eventually, and there was this voice – a gentle voice – telling me it'll all be okay. And it's true. It was only okay when the light fades away and the ticking halts.

Interviewer: I can assure you that you are among friends here. Now, don't be afraid and step into the light.

E-3434-5: I think I will remain here, in the dark.
<End Excerpt>

Interviewer: E-3434-12 (b. ██/07/1946 — now)

<Begin Excerpt>

Interviewer: Please stop rubbing your eyes like that. It's not really good for you.

E-3434-12: I'm sorry. Sometimes I forgot the goo is no longer inside me.
Interviewer: The goo?
E-3434-12: Yes. I dreamt about this girl crawling about. Stuck to this crowd of people. I went towards the girl and the many hands from the crowd dragged me towards them. That's also when the goo entered, starting from my eyes. It was very painful at that moment, but it ended quickly.
Interviewer: Did you feel better after that?
E-3434-12: Much better. Liberated from everything, including myself.
<End Excerpt>

Interviewee: E-3434-23 (b. ██/03/1962 — d. ██/09/2001)

<Begin Excerpt>

Interviewer: Tell me about the nightmares.

E-3434-23: I disappeared. Was doing something in a room, and then it was all black.

Interviewer: Do you know where you were disappeared from?

E-3434-23: Not really. [pauses] Sorry sir, I'm not comfortable with old people.

Interviewer: I can promise that I mean you no harm. But why, if you won't mind?

E-3434-23: An old man was the one who made me disappear. He would not like me to be around.

Interviewer: How will the old man know?

E-3434-23: He is everywhere. He can do anything, like making me disappear again.

<End Excerpt>

Interviewee: E-3434-41 (b. ██/05/1986 — now)

<Begin Excerpt>

Interviewer: Please tell me what you recalled.

E-3434-36: Flashing red lights. Everyone was screaming. Dying. The evils were let loose, they say. I have to press a button.

Interviewer: Why is that?

E-3434-36: For the greater good. There was no other choice.

Interviewer: And then?

E-3434-36: Everything was burning. It was not worth the pain, frankly.

<End Excerpt>

Interviewee: E-3434-48 (b. ██/10/1998 — now)

<Begin Excerpt>

Interviewer: Why do you always cover your eyes?

E-3434-48: So that it'll always be dark.

Interviewer: But why?

E-3434-48: That's when the pain stopped.

Interviewer: What sort of pain?

E-3434-48: Chest. Arms. Head. Everywhere. They were all over me, the hammers and hymns. It stopped eventually, and there was this voice – a gentle voice – telling me it'll all be okay. And it's true. It was only okay when the light fades away and the ticking halts.

Interviewer: … I see. How do you feel about your current arrangements?

E-3434-48: I think I will remain here, in the dark.

<End Excerpt>

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