Scp 3036
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Item #: SCP-3036

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3036 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-43's B-Wing. SCP-3036 is allowed exactly one hour of recreation every day. During this time, it is allowed to interact with other anomalous humanoids of similar psychological disposition.

SCP-3036 is not permitted to use its anomalous abilities outside of its containment cell or during testing, and will have its recreational privileges revoked for three weeks if it violates this condition. This is in order to acclimate it to its current environment within Foundation custody. SCP-3036 is to attend medical check-ups by Site-43's medical staff for SCP-3036-A-1 and -2's safety.

Description: SCP-3036 is a humanoid entity entirely made out of human flesh, muscles and assorted bodily fluids, standing at 185 centimeters tall and weighing 100 kilograms. Black, white and red ink designs are tattooed to the object's face and along its upper and lower body. SCP-3036 shows no signs of a nervous system, leaving it incapable of sensing touch. Additionally, the object contains no traces of a bone structure or reproductive system.

Despite this, SCP-3036 is sapient, and fully capable of completing activities that would require higher brain functions and a homeostatic environment. SCP-3036 is fully capable of speaking and reading in English. Personnel interacting with SCP-3036 describe it as calm and blunt when it comes to individualized conversations between itself and psychologists.

SCP-3036 is capable of stretching itself to anomalous lengths, the longest recorded attempt being at forty-seven meters. Object does not react with discomfort from being stretched at such lengths. SCP-3036 has often been found stretching itself in its containment cell when no other recreational activities are possible. When damaged, either from performing or being harmed, SCP-3036 is capable of regenerating lost tissue in a short amount of time. According to SCP-3036, it has survived:

  • An indeterminate amount of 12 gauge ammunition
  • Assault from an unidentified species of bear
  • A chainsaw being lodged into its head.

SCP-3036-A designates two humanoid entities living inside of SCP-3036, both located in the subject's stomach region. SCP-3036-A have been surgically conjoined at the hip, and suffer from stunted growth. It is believed this stunted growth is not natural, instead caused by a currently unknown party. Due to the location of SCP-3036-A instances, it is currently impossible to record the exact weight and height of both instances.

These entities, individually designated as SCP-3036-A-1 and SCP-3036-A-2, form a parasitic relationship with SCP-3036. Based off of X-rays of SCP-3036, the mouths of SCP-3036-A-1 and SCP-3036-A-2 have been surgically connected to a tube inside of SCP-3036's throat. This is where SCP-3036-A instances acquire the necessary nutrition. SCP-3036 has denied any and all attempts to remove SCP-3036-A instances from its stomach.

Recovery: SCP-3036 was captured following an attempted raid on GoI-233 ("Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting") in 1999. SCP-3036 was left behind due to unknown reasons, but SCP-3036 claimed it was due to "bad blood" between itself and fellow performers.1 SCP-3036 was recovered with no resistance.

Interview Log

Interviewer: Dr. Henderson
Subject: SCP-3036

<Begin Log>

Dr. Henderson: What is your name?

SCP-3036: I don't remember my old name. Long time since I thought about it. I've always been called Stretchy by Fuller and my fellow performers ever since I became like this. Not that it eally matters.

Dr. Henderson: Why can't you remember?

SCP-3036: Hell if I know. Maybe it had something to do with the surgery.

Dr. Henderson: Surgery?

SCP-3036: Yeah, the surgery. It's how they created us. You don't turn a seven-year-old into a clown over night, you know.

Dr. Henderson: What did this surgery entail?

SCP-3036: Oh, you know, the usual. Fuck the kid up, rip out everything that made them human to begin with, pump hundreds of chemicals into their brain, some magic to patch them back up, and you got a kid with more emotional baggage than yourself.

Dr. Henderson: I thought the circus bred clowns.

SCP-3036: Oh, they do. We just so happened to make up most of the clowns that worked there. It was only when Labs went under did they switch to a more, uh, 'humane' way of creating clowns. We were the last generation of human finalists.

Dr. Henderson: 'We'?

SCP-3036: Yes. You think they'd only create one of me? One of us?

Dr. Henderson: What was your profession at the circus?

SCP-3036: Clown hunter.

Dr. Henderson: Explain.

SCP-3036: You see, the bred clowns could be a little bit more, uh, how you put it, 'rebellious'. Runaways were common, and plans to run away were rampant. Fuller wouldn't have liked this, oh no no no. Since we weren't useful to the crowd anymore, Fuller let us have some fun with the new-breeds. And have fun we did.

Dr. Henderson: And what type of 'fun' did you have?

SCP-3036: Well, let's just say you'd be surprised how thick a clown's skull can be. Honestly, it sorta looks like broken glass.

Dr. Henderson: And how long have you been working as a 'clown hunter'?

SCP-3036: For as long as the new-breeds have been around. I still remember my first hunt. I can still remember the sound of wheezing and moaning coming from the clown as I chased it through the woods. My heart, or what was left of it, was pumping in my chest. I grabbed him by the throat from fifty feet away, crushing his neck. I could hear it all the way from over there.

Dr. Henderson: And what did you do to it?

SCP-3036: I taught him a lesson. After crushing his neck, I threw him onto a tree. The pink blood was pouring out of his stomach. It looked like ice cream if you squinted real hard. He tried screaming in that terrible, sing-songy voice he was born with. Tried screaming to the tune of the circus theme. I dragged him back to the circus tent, the ice cream blood pouring out of his stomach. f I didn't know what it was, I probably would have eaten it.

Dr. Henderson: Jesus.

SCP-3036: When I got back to the circus grounds, I signaled the other new-breeds. I showed them his wheezing, empty corpse as I held it ten feet in the air. He was coughing up blood. I showed them what happens when you fuck with Fuller. And you know what Fuller did to me?

Dr. Henderson: What?

SCP-3036: He hugged me. He told me that he was the proudest circus owner in America. I made him proud. I made him proud of me. Of me of all people! He let me keep them instead of killing them, as a reward.

Dr. Henderson: Them?

SCP-3036 points to its stomach.

SCP-3036: My brothers.

Dr. Henderson: B-Brothers?

SCP-3036: Yes. You see, they didn't survive the surgery. They were gonna be like me, but instead of being entertainers, they were gonna be clown hunters. However, they fucked up. Didn't know what they were doing, and, well, their brains got scrambled. Saw it myself. Their brains looked like a bunch of cracked eggs put into a white bowl. Fuller was gonna kill them, but, after what I did, he decided to, you know, let me keep them.

Dr. Henderson: How old were they when this happened?

SCP-3036: I don't remember. They were my juniors, though. Probably single digits. Not that it matters much. Couldn't leave them to die, even if I wanted to.

Dr. Henderson: Why were you left behind?

SCP-3036: Masky probably did it on purpose. The little cunt always did hate me.

Dr. Henderson: Masky?

SCP-3036: Nickname. Promotional shit called him 'Mr. Mask'. Gimmick was he could look like anyone. Clown hunter like me, and, like me, last generation of human-clowns.

Dr. Henderson: Why do you think he hated you?

SCP-3036: Better than him, in, like, every way. The feeling was mutual. Would've shoved that tongue of his up his ass if he wasn't so good at sucking Fuller's cock so much. If I see that little shit again, I'll rip him limb from limb, starting with his co—

Dr. Henderson: Please, keep on track.

SCP-3036: Oh, excuse me. My mind tends to wander about that kinda stuff sometimes. Anyways, he was a lab dog. Wanted me and my brothers out of the picture. And he did, and I'm fucked.

Dr. Henderson: What do you mean?

SCP-3036: Oh, don't think you know what I mean. We all know what happened to Dick. That's what happens to the ones that Fuller values. I'm fucked, and you're probably also fucked. Fuller, he has eyes and ears everywhere. The only ones in this room that aren't gonna die are the guys living in my stomach. Better sign your will, doctor, cause you and me are gonna lie together real soon.

<End Log>


On 12-25-2000, almost a year after initial containment of SCP-3036, Site-43 suffered an electrical outage in the B-Wing of the facility.2 Security personnel were dispatched to B-Wing in order to (1.) guard against potential containment breaches by anomalous humanoids and (2.) to investigate into the nature of Site-43's outage.3 The Wing's backup generator was brought online for a short time by Site-43 personnel.

Three hours after the electrical outage on Wing-B, three individuals wearing clown masks were found nearing SCP-3036's containment cell. Security personnel were dispatched to deal with the potential threat, but were terminated by physical assault. Security footage suggests individuals were Level III Red humanoids.4

Following this discovery, Wing-B was put on lockdown by Site-Director [REDACTED] in order to avoid further entry into Site-43 and to stop the individuals from escaping Site-43. Requests for reinforcements were answered by Site-44 and Site-22 with Mobile Task Forces Beta-22 ("The Whistleblowers") and Beta-11 ("Sane Clown Posse").

Security personnel were ordered to eliminate the three individuals attempting to enter SCP-3036's cell. After 30 minutes of close quarters combat, one individual was able to enter SCP-3036's cell while the other two were combating Foundation security forces. The following was recorded inside of SCP-3036's cell.

SCP-3036: Heh, Fuller really let his standards slide these days, hehe.

<Muffled talking>

SCP-3036: I expected this behavior from the others. But you, Masky, you really let yourself go, didn't you?

<Muffled talking>

SCP-3036: Oh, the bitch has claws, doesn't he? But, anyways, I know you're gonna kill me. ut that shouldn't stop us from having fun —

<SCP-3036 punches the unknown individual out of the room.>

SCP-3036: — right?

Based off of camera footage and testimony from surviving personnel, SCP-3036 proceeded to attack the unknown individual, which ended in both it and the three individuals sustaining significant damage. Following an additional 30 minutes of fighting and the arrival of MTF-Beta-22 and MTF-Beta-11, the three individuals retreated through an anomalous doorway. SCP-3036 willingly came into Foundation custody. It had lost ~55% of its body mass, including both its arms by the end of the fight.5

Post-Incident Interview Excerpt

Interviewer: Dr. Henderson
Subject: SCP-3036

<Begin Log>

Dr. Henderson: Why did you let yourself be captured by the Foundation?

SCP-3036: You fucks were the only thing keeping me alive back there. You think I could have taken those guys by myself? Ha! You did a number on them. Mostly, you guys don't even see them coming, but thanks to a mysterious benefactor, you told those fuckers to go fuck themselves. I'd be dead if it weren't for you guys.

Increased security measures are being suggested for SCP-3036 and other similar anomalies connected to GoI-233.

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