Scp 3033

Item #: SCP-3033

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3033-1 and SCP-3033-2 instances should be neutralized on sight. Neutralized instances should be recovered and autopsied. Any serial numbers should be recorded for identifying particular production runs of SCP-3033 as well as total units produced.

Sighting of SCP-3033-1 instances is an "Orange" level threat. Any Foundation sites in the vicinity should prepare for imminent attack from Chaos Insurgency forces.

When engaging SCP-3033-1 instances, the use of large calibers, explosives, and overwhelming force is recommended. See Threat Assessment 3033 for further details.

PoI-7701 "Madison Craggs" has been taken into custody. She has been granted immunity from prosecution for crimes against humanity in exchange for technical data and future assistance in Chaos Insurgency intelligence efforts.

E-1260 should be kept in protective custody in standard humanoid containment with entertainment package and treated as a Class-4 captive.

E-1261 should be kept in an automated humanoid containment unit, with access to approved text-based entertainment and a text-based communication link to staff. Under no circumstances should staff ever directly interact with E-1261. If E-1261 must be moved from the containment chamber, she should be rendered unconscious via fentanyl gas and kept comatose until another automated chamber can be provided.

Under no circumstances should either E-class associated with the project become aware of the current state of other E-class or of PoI-7701.

Description: SCP-3033-1 refers to individual instances of Chaos Insurgency "Mike" units. Instances are humans that have received invasive cranial implants that allow rudimentary control of nerve impulses as well as overriding biological limits. Depending on the production run, implants are placed inside the amygdala, thalamus, hypothalamus, prefrontal and somatosensory cortexes.

The implants on SCP-3033-1 instances counteract pain receptors, override standard nervous signals, and interfere with the endocrine system to induce a variety of hormonal responses when activated. The only reliable methods of neutralizing instances are exsanguination/shock, anoxia, and severing the nervous connection between the implant and rest of the body.

As a result, instances can withstand significant amounts of bodily trauma before expiring and are unaffected by morale shocks, but lack fine motor control, training, and the ability to work cohesively.

SCP-3033-2 refer to the handlers of SCP-3033-1 units. SCP-3033-2 instances are previously non-anomalous humans that have been augmented with brain-computer interfaces in order to control SCP-3033-1 instances. Research into the mechanism of action of such interfaces and the SCP-3033-2 apparatus are ongoing.

Interview Log 3033-1 Level 4/3033 Clearance Required

Interview Log 3033-2 Level 4/3033 Clearance Required

Interview Log 3033-3 Level 3/3033 Clearance Required

Interview Log 3033-4 Level 4/3033 Clearance Required

Document 3033-K Level 4/3033 Clearance Required

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