Scp 2394

Item #: SCP-2394

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2394 is to be kept in a chemically-induced dream state at the veterinarian wing of Bio-Site 84. SCP-2394 is to be supplied with nutritional package NP2394 by method of intravenous drip. Should SCP-2394 awaken pre-emptively, no less than two veterinarian staff are to respond immediately and resume SCP-2394's dream state.

SCP-2394's mental health is to be observed once per week by use of accessing its neurological files using "2394filing.exe", and a complete copy of all files should be made once per bi-annual period. Attempts to alter the neurological files of SCP-2394 are to be approved by the site director prior to execution. Research staff assigned to SCP-2394 are authorised to monitor SCP-2394's dreams by use of the "2394REM.exe" program at any time. Research staff not assigned to SCP-2394 must be granted permission by level 2 personnel assigned to SCP-2394 to monitor SCP-2394's dreams.

SCP-2394 is not to be neurologically accessed by any computer connected to any networks at the time, and is to be thoroughly scanned for any potential manifestations of a digital consciousness of SCP-2394 prior to connecting to any networks.

Description: SCP-2394 is a single instance of Litoria caerulea, or Australian green tree frog. The entity is genetically identical to common members of its species, and is physiologically normal excluding several aspects added by SCP-2394's previous captors. (See Addendum 3.)

The entity has been surgically modified in several manners to extend its lifespan indefinitely, the most prominent of which is an artificial injection site located above the left portion of the hipbone, and an anomalously-powered artificial heart that has yet to cease operation. SCP-2394 also has a Firewire (IEEE 1394) port surgically attached to the top of its skull; this port is directly connected to several parts of the entity's brain, enabling it to be monitored by use of appropriately formatted software. (See Addendum 1 & 2.) Observation of the entity's thought processes and actions have revealed that it is sapient.

SCP-2394 can instantly teleport to any location that it has previously physically observed. The mechanism by which the entity is capable of relocating in this manner is unknown, as it does not feature any abnormal organs or genetic sequences from those of its species, and apparently had the ability prior to its surgical modification. (See Addendum 4.) SCP-2394 can activate this ability by certain conscious thoughts, and thus is unable to utilise its ability while unconscious or dreaming.1 No successful method of replicating the entity's anomalous properties have been determined, and all attempts to convey the ability to SCP-2394's offspring have failed, suggesting the ability may not be a genetic trait. SCP-2394 has thus far never teleported to a location depicted in a photograph or film, however if this is a conscious decision on its part or an actual limitation has not yet been determined. Documents obtained during SCP-2394's recovery state that the entity was capable of teleporting objects and organisms along with itself, as long as they were in physical contact with it. This capability was a conscious decision by the entity, however testing by Foundation researchers have thus far failed to replicate this effect. Attempts to force SCP-2394 to relocate personnel with it are currently pending review by the Ethics Committee. SCP-2394 is able to teleport to certain locations on the Australian, South American and African continents, the southern region of the United States, and the central region of Asia.

SCP-2394 can be neurally interfaced with any device capable of receiving a signal from a Firewire 800 cable either directly or by use of an adapter. The entity does not internally contain downloadable driver software, which must be installed onto devices in order for them to interpret SCP-2394 as an external port.2 The original software recovered during the raid in which the entity was recovered from has been reverse engineered and improved for testing purposes by Foundation technicians. Two separate programs have been developed that utilise this driver software; "2394filing.exe" and "2394REM.exe", both detailed below. It is currently unknown if SCP-2394 has the potential capability to upload its consciousness to a device via the Firewire connection, but precautions are to be taken to prevent it from uploading itself to the Foundation network or the Internet if it is capable.

Addendum 1: 2394filing.exe
The 2394filing.exe software enable devices connected to interpret various aspects of SCP-2394's consciousness as text documents that are numerically ordered in an ascending fashion, with each file allocated a random numerical value. "2394filing.exe" has an inbuilt feature that enables researchers to locate specific files relating to a topic, context or content. SCP-2394 is always locked in a read-only state, preventing any files from being added, altered or deleted from the entity in any way. No method of 'unlocking' SCP-2394 has been determined thus far, if it is at all possible.

Addendum 2: 2394REM.exe
The 2394REM.exe software enables researchers to monitor SCP-2394's delta sleep constructs in a visual and auditory format. 2394REM.exe renders the constructs as a three-dimensional environment that can be navigated by the user, however regions that are outside SCP-2394's field of vision are significantly less detailed than regions within and audio that the entity is not consciously aware of fades at a rate of 5 decibels per second.

Observations of SCP-2394 using 2394REM.exe has shown that it is unaware that it is in a dream state, and if conscious would actively avoid capture and containment by any humanoid being. Also of note is that SCP-2394 visualises itself as an ordinary frog of its species, with the distinguishing features of the entity absent from its person.

Addendum 3: Recovery log
SCP-2394 was recovered during a raid on a Chaos Insurgency base of operations. Having studied the entity for ██ years, they had developed functional software drivers for SCP-2394 and were utilising a prototype program in order to influence the entity to utilise its ability for their benefit. Its anomalous capabilities were being utilised to relocate high-priority personnel and items undetected. The program was designed to automatically monitor the thought processes of the entity, and engaged a failsafe of cerebral overstimulation3 to keep it contained on location. A similar method of electrical stimulation of specific areas of the brain associated with memories of locations was also utilised to induce SCP-2394 to use its abilities in a desired manner.

SCP-2394 was showing signs of extreme distress upon retrieval, and was discovered to have been exposed to a cognitohazardous agent designed to induce rapid brain death in an attempt to prevent acquisition of the entity by Foundation agents. The entity was improperly exposed to the agent, resulting in it functioning incorrectly and causing an extreme mental strain on the entity.

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Search Keyword/s: Old, Different, Head, Change
Note: Sample was obtained using an early prototype of 2394filing.exe. File was obtained prior to the original initiation of SCP-2394's extended delta sleep.
Related Content: Want back before. Am different, but normal like other s:Dfb\bu#}NQ6v. Hide among. Cant before, stuck different, no hide. nJ4?KXn@v8Opsg no remove, x'%Q6t{j^]IlV! stuck deep on head. Awake that time, x'%Q6t{j^]IlV! stays always now, never go. Endless. Pain always, nJ4?KXn@v8Opsg no stop, why do. nJ4?KXn@v8Opsg stop. Please.

Search Keyword/s: Before, Freedom, Ability, Obtained
Note: Sample obtained using a near-completed version of 2394filing.exe.
Related Content: I thank [-\L**/UN#:I-#S ?] for her help. She gave me the [ABILITY] that I now enjoy, to let me go where I remember.
I met her many [YEARS] ago. I was with many other [FROGS], and we were being taken somewhere by [HUMANS]. There were lots of them, all watching us, watching us get killed one by one by a [MONSTER ?] for fun. The screams of the others, I will never forget.

That [NIGHT], I met her. She shone brilliantly, and her voice calmed me. She gave me my [ABILITY], and told me to flee. I tried to help the others, but they only ignored me. I left alone.

I go back to where I met her sometimes. I see her every time and try to speak to her, but she never responds. Should [-\L**/UN#:I-#S ?] need me, I will come, I owe her. I just wish she would speak back to me, so I know she understands how thankful I am.4

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