Scp 2173

Item #: SCP-2173

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-2173 appears to be stable, containment procedures are primarily geared to prevent public knowledge and interest in SCP-2173. Equipment at 10 meter intervals along the edge of SCP-2173 and 10 meters outside its edge will automatically monitor interior atmospheric content of SCP-2173 and its current diameter. Any change in SCP-2173's atmospheric content or diameter are to be reported to Containment Site 2173's Director immediately.

A 0.5 kilometer security perimeter is to be maintained around the outer border of SCP-2173. All roadways granting access to SCP-2173 are to be barricaded and guarded by armed Foundation personnel fluent in American English wearing current US Army utility uniforms and equipped with current US Army NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) protective clothing. Similarly equipped personnel are to patrol the established perimeter, which will be marked with signs and surrounded with concertina wire. Any civilians attempting to gain access to SCP-2173 are to be given a cover story detailing an uncontained spill of nuclear waste in the area. Class-C amnestics are permitted for use on civilians that manage to break the perimeter. Class-B amnestics are permitted for use on former residents and friends and family thereof of Dellmarsh, Maine.

All public aerial and satellite photographs of SCP-2173 are to be doctored to present consistency with the cover story.

An aerial robotic probe is to explore SCP-2173 using thermal imaging weekly. Any changes within SCP-2173 and all additional exploration requests are to be filed with Containment Site-2173's Director.

Any sign of hostility on the part of SCP-2173-1 is to be negated without provoking further hostility.

Description: SCP-2173 is an intangible 1 km-diameter dome enveloping the majority of Dellmarsh, Maine, United States. The atmosphere inside SCP-2173 is approximately 70% carbon monoxide, 25% argon, and 5% chlorine and other trace gases. Any gases flowing through SCP-2173 are converted almost instantly into the same gases as the rest of its atmosphere, and all gases flowing out are converted back to Earth standard. Manned exploration is impossible because of this. See Initial Exploration Log.

SCP-2173-1 are sapient, humanoid beings apparently native to the environment present within SCP-2173. They have demonstrated technological capabilities that exceed that of modern human society. SCP-2173-1 instances are bipedal and estimated to be approximately 2 meters in height on average. They appear to be endothermic. Little else is known about their biology or their culture because of the lack of physical interaction between SCP-2173-1 and the Foundation.

Recovery: On 02/09/1998, Global Occult Coalition operatives carried out a raid on a Chaos Insurgency facility several kilometers north of Dellmarsh, Maine. Foundation agents in the area were acting as escorts to the GOC convoy. The raid was successful, with no critical GOC casualties.

Several anomalous items were recovered by the GOC, including [REDACTED]. Also among the recovered items was an interdimensional portal (tentatively designated SCP-███ pre-recovery) being operated by the Chaos Insurgency as a means of communicating with SCP-2173-1, with the suspected intentions of securing anomalous weaponry.

As the convoy approached Dellmarsh, an ambush by the remnants of the Chaos Insurgency garrison destroyed several GOC vehicles using anti-tank weaponry, including the cargo truck carrying SCP-███. Whether the destruction of this item was intentional is unknown at this time. When the item was destroyed, the area designated SCP-2173 was quickly enveloped by its current atmosphere. Foundation assets and local emergency responders carried out evacuation procedures while better-equipped Foundation assets mobilized to contain the anomaly. The GOC has been informed of the fate of their agents, but all further information regarding SCP-2173 has been kept within the Foundation to limit complications to diplomacy with SCP-2173-1.

For further information regarding SCP-2173's origins, see Recovered Document SCP-2173-004

Exploration Logs

+Summarized Initial Exploration Log
+Summarized Robotic Exploration Logs
In order to maintain brevity of this document, all further exploration logs have been redacted, with a timeline summarizing results of major events enclosed.

+Timeline of Events Regarding SCP-2173
Input Credentials: DOES THE BLACK MOON HOWL?
Following Incident 2173-12, all SCP-2173-1 instances withdrew from SCP-2173. To date, no further activity from SCP-2173-1 has been observed. However, Special Containment Procedures have been retained in order to ensure up-to-date knowledge of any new developments.

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