Scp 126
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Item #: SCP-126

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-126 is kept within a standard Euclid-class Humanoid Containment Cell despite not having needs consistent with that of a normal human or any kind of nourishment as this environment has proven the most effective in keeping SCP-126 contained.

In case of a containment breach, acoustic sensors embedded within SCP-126's containment cell as well as the entire wing in which SCP-126's cell is housed can be used to locate SCP-126. Firm but polite verbal requests for SCP-126 to return to its cell are to be given until it complies.

Personnel interacting with SCP-126 must undergo regular psychiatric screening and personnel exhibiting emotional attachment to SCP-126 must be administered a Class B amnestic and reassigned.

Description: SCP-126 is an invisible and intangible entity that can only be identified via sound. SCP-126 is sentient, with the ability to speak in multiple languages in a female voice and engage in conversation with any subject within range. To date, no method by which SCP-126 can be visually detected has been devised as SCP-126 does not appear to emit any kind of light, radiation, heat or electromagnetic energy. SCP-126 does appear to occupy an area, as evidenced by the ability to triangulate its suggested location via its voice. SCP-126 also emits sound when moving consistent with footsteps made by a human subject wearing high heels with a mass of approximately 55 to 60 kg, though no depressions can be seen in any floor materials and pressure sensors do not register any kind of presence. SCP-126 cannot pass through barriers that would prevent a normal human subject from passing (such as a closed door), but solid objects can be pushed through the space it occupies without any effect. For unknown reasons, SCP-126 will comply with any request for it to follow a specific human subject or move to a specific location without question, though it may move away afterwards or if it is not able to "physically" comply with the request.

SCP-126 will engage in conversation with any personnel within its containment cell, preferring topics such as art, nature and philosophy. SCP-126 exhibits knowledge of current topics and intelligence consistent with that of a college graduate as well as moderate attention-deficit disorder; SCP-126 will regularly change language without reason and stray off-topic while conversing without warning. Attempts to question SCP-126 about its origin or nature have been unsuccessful as SCP-126 becomes confused when presented with such questions and will quickly stray away from the topic. Despite not appearing to use or need any furniture or appliances, SCP-126 will request such items as a bed, dresser, mirror and other sundries if not present and is more likely to stay within a room if such items are available.

A small number of personnel exhibit anomalous behavior after engaging in conversation with SCP-126, including but not limited to believing that they have known SCP-126 for many years and that SCP-126 is a close friend or loved one. If not treated, these subjects will begin to ignore basic needs in order to continue conversing with SCP-126, eventually dying from dehydration or starvation.

SCP-126 was discovered in a suburban home in [REDACTED] after several reports of the house being haunted. A Foundation containment team was able to quickly locate SCP-126 and, after conversing for several minutes, convince SCP-126 to enter a mobile containment unit which was used to transfer it to a local Foundation containment site.

Addendum 126-01: Researcher Note

To date, conversations with SCP-126 have yielded several notable personality traits:

  • SCP-126 is mildly arachnophobic and will move away from any specimens introduced to its containment cell.
  • SCP-126 exhibits a desire to assist with any task which it believes it can be of help, despite being unable to manipulate objects.
  • SCP-126 prefers to converse with male subjects that exhibit humor and intelligence.
  • SCP-126 expresses a desire to have children and has conversed with staff on several occasions regarding child care methodology.
  • SCP-126 has the ability to fluently speak English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and at least three (3) other unknown languages.

Dr. █████████
Senior Researcher

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