Scp 119
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Item #: SCP-119

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-119 is to remain open and unplugged at all times except during testing. The door to the room in which SCP-119 resides is to be locked for all periods except during experimentation, with the entry codes given only to authorized research and security personnel. An industrial-grade disinfectant will be available nearby at all times, and the inside of SCP-119 is to be heavily disinfected before any testing. The contents of SCP-119 are to be monitored through the viewing window on SCP-119 at all times during testing, and will be stopped immediately should the contents become hostile or otherwise damaging to SCP-119.

Description: SCP-119 is a Panasonic [REDACTED] Microwave Oven. It was initially discovered by an agent, who had bought it from a liquidation sale of the assets from ████ Valley Vineyards. It is believed that ████ Valley Vineyards was using the anomalous properties of SCP-119 to rapidly age its products and create expensive vintages. Records show ████ Valley Vineyards making under-the-table sales of vintages dated as far back as 19██, many years before the company's inception in 2005. These sales are what led to the lawsuits accusing the company of falsifying product information and other forms of fraud, which eventually caused ████ Valley Vineyards to declare bankruptcy. SCP-119 appears to be a standard model of microwave in all respects except that the magnetron unit does not produce microwave radiation. Instead, the magnetron emits a previously unknown type of radiation that accelerates time.

The amount of time accelerated is based on the time input given at the start, and the power level setting. The time input allows for three digits, and there are five power level settings. On power level 1, the number of seconds input equals the number of seconds experienced within the microwave. Therefore, an input of 30 seconds would cause the microwave to run for 30 seconds, at the end of which the object will have aged 30 seconds. Each subsequent power level past 1 causes an exponential increase of the acceleration of time. At power level 2 with an input of 30 seconds, the microwave will run for 30 seconds and the contents will have aged 900 seconds (15 minutes) or 30*30 seconds. At power level 5, with an input of 999 seconds, the microwave will run for 999 seconds, and the contents will have aged 995,009,990,004,999 seconds (31,529,964 years).

Experimentation with the other buttons on the microwave have not resulted in any anomalous properties, although they do still function as would be expected from a normal microwave. The "minute +" button, for example, adds 60 seconds, and the "defrost" function prompts the user to open the door and flip the contents periodically. Pressing the "minute +" button during operation, however, does not recalculate the adjusted time acceleration, merely causing the contents to age at the pre-calculated rate for another 60 seconds. (eg: Power Level 2 for 30 seconds would age for 900 seconds (15 minutes), input of "minute +" would result in the microwave running for 90 seconds and aging the contents 2700 seconds (45 minutes), or 3(30*30), instead of aging the contents for 8100 seconds (135 minutes), or 90*90).

SCP-119 can be dismantled, and replacement parts can be substituted for every component except the magnetron. When placing the magnetron in any other microwave, including duplicates of the same model, the magnetron continues to exhibit time acceleration. However, replicating the effects of anything above power level 2 have failed in every model except the original microwave in which the magnetron was found.

Although SCP-119, like all standard microwave models, will normally only function when the door is closed, during deconstruction it was determined that disabling the closing mechanism allows the device to work while open. Subsequent testing determined that the radiation emitted from SCP-119 has a fallout pattern very similar to the microwave radiation it replaced. However, further experiments operating SCP-119 while open now require the approval of a Clearance Level 4 personnel.

Addendum: After subsequent testing, it has been determined that the accelerated time experienced within SCP-119 is not accelerated from the perspective of those being affected, instead causing the occupants to perceive that they are simply staying inside of the microwave for the adjusted duration. Should living creatures be exposed to SCP-119 for extended durations, they could quite quickly die of starvation, as they will require as much sleep and food as they would outside of SCP-119. Therefore, further experimentation with living beings now requires the approval of a Clearance Level 4 personnel.

Furthermore, due to the possibility of micro-organisms undergoing accelerated evolution within SCP-119, industrial-grade disinfectant has now been added to the containment procedure for SCP-119.

Test Log for SCP-119

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