Scp 062
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Item #: SCP-062

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-062 is stored in a dedicated containment cell at Site ██ under clean room conditions. Any experimentation on SCP-062 must receive prior permission from at least two (2) Level 3 Personnel, and must only be performed with independent power sources. SCP-062 must never be attached to an external network, and all data extracted from SCP-062 is to be stored on external nonvolatile media until analyzed.

Description: SCP-062 appears to be an unbranded personal desktop computer housed in an aluminum case of indeterminate manufacture. SCP-062 is unusually heavy at approximately 24kg, and lacks manufacturing or branding labels of any kind. The words "infomation is freedom [sic]" were found scratched into the casing near the back, apparently with a key or similar object.

Inspection of its interior has revealed that SCP-062 is empty except for a blank circuit board in place of where the motherboard of a standard personal computer would be. SCP-062 will not function unless the case is completely sealed, and attempts to open the case while it is operating cause it to shut down immediately. Despite this, SCP-062 operates as expected for a normal desktop computer with the exception that its performance, operating system, contained data, and language appears to be different upon every activation.

SCP-062 was discovered in the basement of the University of ████ Computer Science Laboratory by [REDACTED]. An embedded Foundation agent seized the object and brought it to Site ██, where it has since been contained.

Addendum 062-001: List of Notable Activation Results

Date: █/██/██
Description: SCP-062 appeared to be running Windows XP in Catalan. Analysis of contained data showed financial records for the [REDACTED] banking firm in France for the period of May, 1963 to April, 1987. These records are inconsistent with actual bank records procured by undercover Foundation agents.

Date: ██/█/██
Description: SCP-062 appeared to be running Debian Linux in Latin. Contained data consisted of a library of audio recordings of over █,███ choral songs and hymns, of which ███ are not found in any known collection, or have never been performed.

Date: █/██/██
Description: SCP-062 appeared to be running a version of Solaris in Portuguese. Contained data consisted of promotional and marketing material for [REDACTED], which appears to be a commercial space flight corporation that does not exist.

Date: ██/██/██
Description: SCP-062 appeared to be running an unknown operating system visually similar to OS/2, with an unknown language, later identified to have strong similarities to that of the Voynich Manuscript. Attempts at deciphering the contained data are ongoing.

Date: █/██/██
Description: SCP-062 appeared to be running [REDACTED] in French. Contained data confirmed to be that of a standard Foundation workstation, though the site indicated by its location data, Site ███, does not exist. Investigation is ongoing.

Date: █/█/██
Description: SCP-062 appeared to be running Apple OS X in what appears to be Akkadian cuneiform script. Contained data appears to be composed mainly of religious text and descriptions of ritual and ceremonial procedures.

Date: ██/█/██
Description: [REDACTED]. Investigation is ongoing as to how the virus managed to compromise 3 workstations and one file server before SCP-062 was forcibly shut down. All affected workstations have been isolated.

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