Scp 000
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Item# SCP 000
Object class: XK

Special Containment procedures:
SCP-000 is to be contained in a household developed by Agent Fleasher the house contains regular household items (electrical stuff, couch/sofa, cutlery, entertainment) and a direct line of contact with Site-[readacted]
SCP-000 is to also be contained with SCP-000-a and SCP-000-b (they are her children), the household is to be watched 24/7 by MTF alpha-13 (house watch) because of scp-000 anomalous abilities.

Description: Scp-000 appearance is to be seen by the naked eye as pink/purpleish skin. Tissue recovered from SCP-000 has confirmed this, the blood from scp-000 is to be described as [Data expunged due to cognitohazardos information]

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