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DeCIRO Catalog #: SC-58/019-58/019

Document Type: Step Compilation

Dates Received: 01-13-2058 thru 01-13-2058

Operation Status: Closed

Foreword: It is the belief of the naive, unveiled world that a contradiction couldn't possibly come to be. We understand that to be false, for that is the aberrant status-quo peddled by the anathema Foundation. However, there are contradictions that are naturally forbidden for all beings to nullify. These contradictions, such as two unknowns producing something known, or a round peg fitting in a square hole, are best devastated by the hands of chaos.

So how, my brethren, is it that the anathema is able to lay waste to contradictions such as these to fulfill their own futile world order? How are they able to defy the wretched sense of normalcy they have fabricated for their own ends? How are they able to know the effect of two unknowns? How can they fit a round peg in a square hole? What do their twisted ambitions need the creation of contradiction for?

Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

1. STEP 58/019

D-42779, an individual captured from the most recent raid of Foundation Site-111, must be restrained and relocated to Base-F infirmary. Medical staff available must provide D-42779 with amnestics administered via IV drip. Isolation of D-42779 is encouraged.

2. STEP 58/077

All antimemetic entities must be relocated from their respective bases to Base-F. All anomalous entities present in Base-F must be relocated to other bases to accommodate the unknown storage requirements of each antimemetic entity.

3. STEP 58/130

Dr. Dominic Cassidy, a Beta-class agent currently stationed at Foundation Site-111, must request a period of leave within the Foundation and must relocate to Base-F to oversee D-42779's physical and mental condition. Henceforth, D-42779 must be referred to as "the subject".

The subject must be put in a state of anomalously induced REM sleep until further notice. Dr. Cassidy may request any supplies he deems necessary to ensure that the subject remains comatose.

4. STEP 58/202

A team of four Gamma-class personnel that demonstrate high proficiency in thaumaturgy must be stationed at Base-F and must act as Dr. Cassidy's assistants in handling the subject. In addition to following Dr. Cassidy's orders, the team must create an ongoing physical manifestation of the subject's dreams.

5. STEP 59/337

The subject must be relocated to Isolation Chamber #909 to reduce the risk of potential damage to the structure of Base-F. Gamma-class thaumaturges must trigger a vision of a deep, square-shaped hole within the subject's dream.

6. STEP 59/350

Two Gamma-class personnel that demonstrate high proficiency in thaumaturgy, as well as an armed team consisting of two Beta-class and eight Alpha-class, must be relocated to Base-F and must be stationed within Isolation Chamber #909. The Gammas will replace the two previous Gammas who were killed in an incident regarding the subject and the armed team must ensure that no incidents will occur in the future.

7. STEP 59/390

All antimemetic entities are to be presented to the subject. Dr. Cassidy must report to Delta Command regarding the interactions between the entities and the subject.

DeCIRO Catalogue #: FR-59/390-01

Document Type: Summary Report

Date Received: 04-14-2059

Author: Dr. Dominic Cassidy

Summary Report: I performed these experiments with no expectations. All but one antimemetic object showed no reaction to the subject. Or if there was, we were simply unable to remember it. Turns out, one object was only "antimemetic" insofar as it couldn't be perceived outside of dreams.

The reaction was contradictory: Violent but peaceful, like a king entering his throne room. I don't know what came over me, but I instinctively knew I had to kneel in its presence. One of the Gammas immediately recognized what was happening. Since the object was only seen in dreams, and the subject's dream are now "real", the object could now be registered as such.

It calls Himself He Who Dreams and it has assumed direct control of the subject. He was confused by the environment He found himself in. We asked Him what his purpose was; He said that it was his purpose to alter the dreams of those who could perceive Him. I would guess that He can be reasoned with.

I am bowing by His side as I write this. I, as well as the remaining Gammas and Betas, request guidance.

8. STEP 59/500

All personnel stationed within Isolation Chamber #909 must convince, through whatever means necessary, the subject to remove any and all traces of the Foundation from existence. Permission to make attempts to awaken the subject from its comatose state is granted should it be non-compliant with Insurgency orders.

9. STEP 59/704

Dr. Cassidy and five Alpha-class personnel must be removed from their position and neutralized for their defiance of Delta Command orders as well attempted deification of an entity under Insurgency control. The experiment is a failure. All remaining Gamma-class thaumaturges must make any effort necessary to awaken the subject.

10. STEP 60/002

Any entity ███ ███████ creates must be destroyed. No personnel nearby ███ ███████ are to praise it or acknowledge it under threat of Чḑəİ7ƨ7Ч797ƻǝЧə ẛǝḓ. New personnel may be brought to █████████ ███████ #███ if the situation warrants. ███ ███████ must be awakened at all costs.

11. STEP 60/478

Disregard the previous step. All personnel must kneel and swear allegiance to He Who Dreams upon receiving this step. All who do not comply must be neutralized. All personnel must construct a shrine in their place of residence dedicated to He Who Dreams and must pray to Him at least once a day to dream of a world rid of ə9ə ₫7Ȯ7Ƽ7ƻə 97Чə9ǝƼ 7Յ.

12. STEP 60/599

The end is near. Our attempt to reconcile with He Who Dreams has failed. We of Delta Command have no choice but to attempt to negotiate our survival. He's tearing this world asunder. It is extremely likely that there will be no survivors of this event, but that doesn't mean that we will allow inaction.

As such, all armed personnel are to mobilize and raid Foundation Sites -01, -17, -19, -62C as well as Yellowstone National Park and Чϝǝç ǝ ЧƻОƼ7 əſ7ƨǝϛǝЧ. Loss of life is irrelevant. Destruction of the above locations is encouraged.

Delta Command must inhabit an Exclusionary Chamber constructed by the Engineer in order to facilitate discussion with He Who Dreams. Ƽəə 97ǝ əƼ ƻȮǝḉ ƨ7ǝ9ə ę7Ʒ7Ƽ7ƨ 7ƻəƼ əӠ7Чǝ9 əḟǝѐ.

!#. STEP ^)/%^*

He Who Dreams must Ч9 ƻÓǝЇə ɖƻỐ 7ЧəՑ əƼƻÔЧеəƼ7 7ƨṐƼ7 əſ7ƨǝҫəЧƨεƻ ӨƼ ƨəƼəɖəƼ
ǝḍəƻəƼ 7ƻƨՕ 7ЧəՑǝƖ7ЧƨΌ7 9ǝғ7Ƽ7ƨ ƻӪ77ǝ9 ǝćǝćƨ Ǫǝ97Ӟƨ Ṑǝҽǝ ḟ7Ч ƻȎ79 ǝƒ7Ƽ7ƨ ƻṎəϝ77 ǝȩƻс ƻÓЧ9 ǝě7Յ7 Ƽ7ƻǝ 7əƼ əѐ7Ч 7Ҙƨệ Dr. Cassidy is █████ ████ █ ████

██. STEP ██/██

██ ███ ██████ ████ █ ███████ ██████ ████ ████████ ███ ████ ██████ ██████ ███ ██████ ██████ ███ The Vessel. ██████ █████ ███ ██████ ████ ███████ ██████ ████ ████████ ██ he ████ ██████ ██████ ███ ██████ █████ ████████ ███ ████ ██████ ██████ ███ ██████ █████████ ███ ████must restore the old world. Hail He Who Dreams!


null. STEP 58/019

One Alpha-class personnel is to deliver Document CO-58/019-02 to Dr. Cassidy's place of residence. The Alpha is to take great care to avoid being followed and is permitted to neutralize any individual he deems suspicious.

DeCIRO Catalogue #: CO-58/019-02

Document Type: Covert Operations

Date Received: 01-13-2058

Author: Delta Command

Hello agent. Before we deliver the message proper, we would like to make this point very clear: You have no context for what is written in this document and said context will not be provided to you.

The Chaos Insurgency is now in alignment with He Who Dreams. Any group that is capable of creating a new world will inevitably have to do so on His terms. That includes the Foundation. Speaking of which, we found that He Who Dreams took quite an interest in you. He told us that He was able to sense your devotion, your sense of awe within his Presence. He thanks you for ushering Him into being.

We had no choice to do what we did. He Who Dreams was too great a force to ignore, or worse yet, to disregard entirely. We made the mistake of regarding Him as an object in the past, but in our attempt to reconcile with Him as He eradicated the world, we now understand that we are the objects to be used. When we recognized this, He was gracious and merciful enough to restore the world as it was on January 13th, 2058.

However, this mercy came at a price. The price was our eternal and undying allegiance to Him and for Him to subsume another human as his vessel. The vessel is you, Cassidy, as you've shown such exemplary piety ever since He first surfaced. Through you, His dream of the old world shall be real and we can resume business as normal.

We understand if this is a lot to take in, but you should be honored to be in the position that you're in. Any of us in Delta Command would torture each other for a chance to be his vessel, yet you are chosen. Instructions on how to let Him subsume you, as well as a troop of armed Betas to ensure you follow those instructions, will be sent to your location on the 20th at 8:00 PM. Be ready.

Congratulations and good luck. Hail He Who Dreams!

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