Sc 49 785 52 543
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DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-49/785-52/543

Document Type: Step Compilation

Dates Received: 06-04-1949 through 09-26-1952

Operation Status: Open

Foreword: Soon after it was forged, the hidden blade in the Foundation's blood-soaked hand was augmented with a stony venom. The information of this slow-acting venom had been largely struck from their records, and with it the hidden blade downed many of the Foundation's foes, often years after they were struck. And now, the blade out of their reach, the blade silently strikes its old wielder.

We of Delta Command are confident that Operation Perseus will successfully reflect the dire effects of the Foundation's darkest secrets on itself. Forced to avert their gazes, the Overseers can do naught as the many serpents that wreathe their crown are petrified. And when the time is right, Perseus will rise and the crippled gorgon petrifying our world will be slain.

Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

1. STEP 49/785

I'm feeling sympathetic toward our members who are beginning to question their place with us. Such as the Beta-Class residing in Number 233 on Base C. He used to work at Foundation Site-37, and is thinking back on how his old job wasn't that bad. On September 14th, give him two doses of the blue substance located in Locker B of Base C's Chemical Storage. Insert a GPS tracker while you're at it. If and when he tries to leave, allow him to leave unharmed.

2. STEP 49/948

Dispatch two teams; one composed of nine Alpha-Class personnel and one composed of three Alpha-Class and one Beta-Class. At 00:35 AM on October 14th, both teams will assault the Foundation Site-37. Refer them to document FTF/FS32-BP. Team One will terminate the lead researcher studying the object stored in Locker 147, while Team Two acquires the object stored in Locker 147. Deposit the object in Locker 11 at Storage Site 22.

Insurgency survivors are to be given amnestics.

3. STEP 50/23

The Beta-Class that used to reside in Number 233 on Base C used to be alive. Number 233 on Base C is now vacant. Make it occupied.

4. STEP 50/140

The object in Locker 11 at Storage Site 22 is to be moved to Research Lab 4V. Non-Alpha personnel stationed at Research Lab 4V are to be transferred to Research Lab 2J. Replace them with Alpha-Class personnel to make it seem as if Research Lab 4V is still fully operational.

5. STEP 51/152

The Foundation will raid Research Lab 4V. Alpha-Class personnel are to defend the facility with their lives.

A post-op summary of the results of the conflict is to be delivered to Delta Command.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: POR-51/152-001
Document Type: Post-Operation Summary Report
Date Received: 04-12-1951
Author: Captain Olivia Brown
Despite knowing of the raid beforehand and stationing only military personnel within the facility, those stationed at Research Lab 4V suffered major casualties, all but four dead and three of those in critical condition.
In addition, ten of the anomalous objects being studied in Research Lab 4V were secured by the Foundation. This includes the high-profile object recently transferred from Storage Site 22.

6. STEP 52/543

On October 2nd, dispatch a team of seven Alpha-Class led by one Beta-Class to Foundation Site-62, where they are to secure the object stored in Secure Locker 36. Refer to document FTF/FS62-BP for the layout of Foundation Site-62. Give document CO-52/543-001 to the Beta-Class.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: CO-52/543-001
Document Type: Covert Operations
Date Received: 09-26-1952
Author: Delta Command
Hello, agent. You have been selected for this mission due to your deep loyalty to our cause. As you know, your team is to attack Foundation Site-62 in an effort to acquire the object stored in Secure Locker 36. However, this is not your mission. It is the mission of the Alpha-Class you will be leading.
Your mission is to assure that their mission fails. It is of the utmost importance that the Foundation truly believes that their "SCP-884" is held in high regard by the Chaos Insurgency.
If the Alphas dies before they can reach Secure Locker 36, fine. If they manage to get the item, friendly fire is acceptable to prevent them from leaving the site with the object. But again, you must make sure your true goals remain secret to both your squad and the Foundation.
Destroy this document when you are confident you understand what you are to do. This information does not leave the confines of your mind. Good luck.

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