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DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-13/234-14/362

Document Type: Step Compilation

Dates Received: 04/07/13 through 06/23/14

Operation Status: Open

Foreword: Given the intricacy of the Plan and the multivariate nature of our opponents, it is sometimes necessary for us to use objects known to Delta Command as bargaining chips with other groups with a vested interest in the anomalous. Operation Midas continues to be a key resource for our secret agents in the den of thieves known as Marshall, Carter, and Dark.

The Foundation will crumble on its corrupt and rotten foundation. Delta Command is everywhere and Operation Midas is a testament to its reach and power. Once the Operation is completed the Chaos Insurgency will extend its reach across time as well.

Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

1. STEP 13/234

Dispatch one armed Beta-Class with the Red Sight on May 6th at 10:46 AM to a shop in the Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center in Irvine, California. The shop will be in the Nordstrom wing of the Center and will identify itself as "Kitsner of New New York". The Beta-Class will be equipped with seven hundred counterfeit United States dollars. The management is unversed in contemporary counterfeiting methods and will not notice.

I will need one pair of translucent, purportedly indestructible grey women's boots, size 36, a pair of allegedly quantum-entangled diamond cufflinks, two tan evening clutches purporting to be constructed of human skin, and a necklace, earring, and bracelet set the management claims are composed largely of astatine. Place all retrieved items in Lockers U-567 to U-571. Return results to the Engineer.

2. STEP 13/309

Dispatch a team of Gamma-Class personnel from Research and Development to analyze the items in Lockers U-567 to U-571. They are allotted three Alpha subjects for exposure testing with the jewelry set.

The Gammas are to verify the purported properties of the items retrieved in Step 1. After submitting a report on these properties to Delta Command, they are to be amnesticized.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: FR-13/309-001
Document Type: Summary Report
Date Received: 05-20-2013
Author: Dr. Amelie Bradford
Summary Report: The women's boots appear to be comprised of a single layer of graphene. Testing with Alpha-Class revealed that, in keeping with our knowledge of the material, the boots were able to resist wear and tear by repairing holes in its structure with carbon molecules from the Alpha-Class' sweat and skin. Long term wear resulted in the physical degradation of Alpha-Class' skin. Testing with the diamond cufflinks, separated across a continent, revealed that the pair is quantum entangled. Each diamond either rotates clockwise or counterclockwise when observed, and exists in a superposition of states when unobserved. The bags are somewhat less truthful in advertising. DNA analysis showed that while the cells were of human origin, all genetic information pertaining to the construction of a human body was absent. The only genes in the cells from the leather are those that regulate skin texture, color, and growth. The jewelry set appears to be made of astatine. We have reached that conclusion owing to the decay patterns of the samples we took from the jewelry, as every sample has sublimed in seconds due to the immense heat generated by astatine's intense radioactivity. How the necklace set stays intact is still unknown. Testing with Alpha-Class Personnel reveal an average safe wear-period of about 3.5 hours before the subject succumbs to radiation poisoning.

3. STEP 13/324

Return items to their respective lockers except the jewelry set. Install an extra 10 cm of lead shielding in Locker R-078 and relocate the set to that locker.

4. STEP 13/387

Transfer items to Gamma Agent Raj Bhattacharya for use in Operation Midas.

5. STEP 13/896

Bhattacharya is to transport the items in a secure container to the Marshall, Carter, and Dark clubhouse in the 5600 block of Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California. There he will meet a tall, thin Caucasian male in his mid-sixties, nearly bald and with a mild limp. He will introduce himself as Dr. John Windermere, although this will not be his real name. He will take a marked interest in the items offered by Gamma Agent Bhattacharya. Gamma Agent Bhattacharaya is to charge him no less than fifty million dollars for all items, as well as "information regarding your dark, quiet friend's Monday afternoon habits", worded in precisely that manner. The information on Foundation Agent Harold Torres and the object he is seeking to acquire divulged by Dr. Windermere is to be reported directly to Delta Command.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: FR-13/896-001
Document Type: Post Operation Summary Report
Date Received: 12-01-2013
Author: Gamma Agent Bhattacharya
Summary Report: Object is the size of a bread box and appears to be a compact synthesizer of exotic and rare elements. Object ostensibly uses nuclear fusion to achieve this, but the exact way this is achieved is unknown. Windermere and Torres both apparently bonded over their shared interest in the device. As the object is capable of synthesizing many rare metals needed for the manufacture of components detailed in SC-13/456-14/590, the recovery of the machine is of top priority to the Insurgency.

6. STEP 14/362

Dispatch one Beta-Class personnel to the Fashion Island Shopping Center in Newport Beach, California. Administer double the normal dosage of Red Sight. The Beta Class personnel is to inquire about a sales position. There will be an opening. The Beta Class is now to function as a secret agent, examining temporal disturbances and reporting them directly to Delta Command. The Beta Class is to remain under the employ of the shop until s/he receives information relevant to mass temporal travel or important knowledge of future events.

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