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"Do you remember…"


PART ZERO: Before Alpha-9

In which the past informs the present.

Yesterday - Recent Story 11-17-19
by thedeadlymoose
Dr. Clef kills the SCP universe. - CLEFFFFFFF (dr.levington added that)

"I Quit"
by AdminBright
"I want to be able to sleep, not thinking about whether the decision I made that day…"

Snakes and Ladders
by Zyn
She drew a butterfly in her poetry notebook, labeled it "408", and added in parentheses, "someday".

A Restless Wanderer On The Earth
[Note: Hosted at the Wanderers' Library]
by thedeadlymoose
The man found Cain ben Adam in the endless wildernesses of the between-places.

Incident Zero: The Day Everything Changed.

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by DrClef
The call, like many of the worst things in life, came at 1 in the morning.

PART ONE: Introduction

In which a new Mobile Task Force is proposed, and we meet players both new and old.

Immediate Actions
by DrEverettMann
"105. Get up. We need to move you."

The Seed of an Idea
by thedeadlymoose
"Because some people in the Foundation never stopped wanting to play with superheroes."

Like We Were Ever Kindergarten Teachers to Start With
by Eskobar
"We're the Foundation. We are eternal, like the Catholic Church, or NBC."

by DrClef
"… if I'm going to do the job you're asking me to do, I need Adams."

Deals with the Devil
by Sophia Light
"Did that woman really look me in the eyes and say 'we're re-opening Pandora's Box'?"

What's in a Name?
by DrClef
A cold fury descended upon her and settled just below her heart.

Just A Formality
by Crayne
"The cat? What cat? Am I missing something?"

Integrity Project
by djkaktus
"This is an old debt, Jean. It is one you knew would come due in time."

Boss of Me
by Roget
"Director Gillespie, I presume?"

New Tricks
by DrClef and thedeadlymoose
In an unnamed garage in a facility that didn't exist, a dog was trying to repair a hydraulic servo.

The Wolves at the Door
by DrEverettMann
"No," Iris said, horrified and appalled. "You can't be serious."

Light-Dependent Reactions
by Photosynthetic
"It was either get curious or break down entirely."

Girls' Night Out
Dressing Up | Getting Drunk | Raising Hell
by DrClef
"Aren't you supposed to be protecting me?" Iris groaned.
"From bullets, not bad decisions," Adams said.

Museum of Idiots
by Roget
Mister Collector missed his friends terribly.

Additional Resources
by LurkD and djkaktus
"Just help me keep it together fer another week then I'll put in the transfer…"

Job Opportunities
by Chilled Tonic
The young girl suddenly looked very down-trodden. "Not all of my vegetables. I didn't like the broccoli."

Pythia's Wing
by thedeadlymoose
The oracle's laughter vibrated in the air, personable yet inhuman.

Number One With a Bullet
by DrClef
… Then a grand piano fell on her.

Lending a Hand
by Doctor Cimmerian
Cimmerian blinked twice and chuckled. "This," he thought, "this is how those kinds of stories start."

The High Court With The Magic Army
by thedeadlymoose
"I'm going to see the other members of the Council," Ten said. "I want you to come with me."

I Was Not Magnificent
by Roget
"There's a ghost kid walking underneath me. Is that supposed to be happening?"

In Harm's Way
by Sophia Light & collaborating writers
"Alpha-9 is still widely unpopular." "You bet your ass. And now everyone's going to know about it."

PART TWO: Alpha-Niner Is Go

In which Alpha-9 is assembled, trained, and begins its missions.

Operation "Camp Granada"
by DrClef and Foggy Golem
Of particular concern were indications that the missing campers had been dragged out of their tents by force, rather than devoured in-situ… .

All This Wandering
[Note: Explicit Sexual Content]
by Eskobar
"Peter looked at his body, then at the sad pile of old and worn-out landscaping gear that had been Ritchie's life. 'Yeah,' he said. 'I'm with you.'"

by djkaktus
Karlyle nodded. "I have no doubt that this will be nothing more than routine, doctor."

Back Alley Deals
by DrEverettMann
In Carter's office was a fragment of obsidian which was supposedly the oldest memory the Minders had ever stolen.

Tasers & Thermite
by LurkD & Dexanote

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Huntsman
by Chilled Tonic
"Do you know what I hated about living in London, Gunnel?"

We Got A Good Thing Here
by DrClef
Aleksander smirked. He knew what to expect from a Marshall, Carter, and Dark resort. It was obvious that Adams did not.

Are We There Yet?
by LurkD
"Whatever. Not even halfway there and I'm already fixin' to drive this car to the nearest river and drown all three of you."

I Thought You Died Alone
by A Random Day
Your request for whistleblower protection regarding Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 has been reviewed and denied…

Ball Gags And Scrambled Eggs
by LurkD & DrClef
"Lie to me like he did, and you get the same. Now, tell me. What's Lambda-Two?"

Up To No Good
by LurkD
«Road trip!»

Elder Baconator
by Waxx & thedeadlymoose
Tilda and Dmitri Strelnikov have a quiet dinner and absolutely nothing happens.

Where Your Eyes Don't Go
by Roget
So who's going to look into that whole assassination business?

Loosen Up a Bit
by thefriendlyvandal
“Cog, loosen up a bit. Love, Clef.”

Getting Into Treble
by Doctor Cimmerian
Han hit terminal velocity approximately two kilometers above Ruston, Louisiana.

Passing Notes in Class - Recent Story 11-17-19
by DrClef
Celesta stifled a scream.

No Joke
by DrEverettMann
"This is too big! CHICANEROUS GANGSTER CONSPIRACY FASCISTS! Call 555-727-7560! Press five, and say bixby actual to save the world."

Calm - Recent Story 12-09-19
by DrClefDrClef, thedeadlymoosethedeadlymoose, LurkDLurkD, Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian, and other authors.
Sophia Light, Andrea Adams, Iris Thompson, and a mess.

Nine years ago, the SCP Foundation was a very different place.

Supported by the United States' Bowe Commission, the focus was on research and development. Cross-testing and weaponization of SCP objects was common. Mobile Task Force Omega-7 ("Pandora's Box") utilized SCP-076 and SCP-105 to carry out their missions. Senior Staff members were given extreme freedom and autonomy, ignoring all rules of propriety and professionalism so long as they got the job done. All of this was endorsed by O5 Command, the High Court with their magic army.

That era was both very good and very bad for the Foundation, but it ended, and it ended badly.

There were many incidents that catalyzed the end of the Pandora's Box era. Kondraki's destruction of Site-19. "Incident Zero." The end came when Able slaughtered the rest of Omega-7.

O5 Command realized they were losing control and cracked down. The old projects were shuttered. Senior Staff were kicked upstairs into administrative roles (and in one famous case, assassinated). Research and development of anomalous technology ceased as the Foundation refocused on mere collection and containment.

Nine years passed, and we reach the present day.

The pace of anomalous incidents is accelerating. Thousands of SCPs have been discovered in only the last few years. New GOIs are forming and being discovered every day. The Foundation can't keep up. O5 Command is becoming desperate. They wish to once again tilt the scales in their favor.

They are reopening research into SCPs outside of containment purposes. They are re-implementing cross-testing and weaponization. Endorsing in-house scientific journals. Creating an entirely new class of SCPs (Thaumiel) specifically to contain others. Re-opening old casefiles from the Bowe era, looking for old swords to resharpen for the new battles to come.

They privately call this "Project Resurrection."

One of those old swords is Project Pandora's Box. Mobile Task Force Omega-7, now known as Alpha-9 ("Last Hope").

Not everyone is happy about this. They remember the bad old days. They worry this is going to be the end of the Foundation.

They may be right.

Project Resurrection is a writing project aimed at reconstructing and resurrecting the original "central storyline" of the SCP Foundation.

It aims at synthesizing the old and new works of the SCP Foundation.

It starts with Alpha-9, the Omega-7 reboot. It doesn't end there.

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