Report To The Overseers 2

30th of Cancer, 1944

Continued Investigation Into Site 231

To The Council,

I despise myself for my weakness, for I cannot help but begin this report by bemoaning the dreadful news reaching us from Europe. They say the Germans have taken London and the resistances in Spain, Italy, and Russia are faltering. I have studied the occult all my life, and so I may confirm firsthand what is said by some fortunate enough to live in the light: there are no demons walking this earth so brutal and willful to destroy as fascist man.

But I do not only write to commiserate. The Keepers may offer us some slim light in this darkness. One of our linguists, a young man whose name continually escapes me, has chanced upon some scraps of old Erikeshan writing: a series of letters accompanied with what he says is a Mekan dialect known to the Treasurers. We have dispatched him to Cairo to seek scholarly assistance in translating the letters. He also has photographic records of all the other Erikeshan script we have found within 231, and thus may provide far more of value than the whole rest of our expedition. I shall certainly not begrudge him the credit if it is to be so.

On the topic of 231 itself, there is little to be said. The excavation remains slow, the artifacts remain largely incomprehensible, the spellwork remains tedious, and the casualty rate remains high. As usual, our inventory for the past week is attached.

— Alexander Teles

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