Recovered Text Messages

Foreword: The following was recovered from unauthorized personal cell phones belonging to Junior Researchers Leyton (in red) and Ross (in blue), who served as part of the SCP-5008 control team.



remeber that thing
with the 5ists
in LA


well there was one thing i didn put in the report

wtf why not

it just didnt seem relevant

what was it

well you know that thing I told you the other day?

how could i forget lol
its not funny

reading about serial killers? no its not funny
its fuckin weird

not as weird as our day jobs

u right D:

anyway the LAPD caught one of these psychos last week

let me guess
u used ur work computer to hack the crime scene photos like some perv

fuck you

so what did u actually find out

have a look10

holy shit
is that what i think it is

they found these done in blood all over the dude's house

but how could he know about this
its p deep lore

he was one of the cafeteria people at s9

i see
u thinking what im thinking

hell yeah

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