Project Report 001 Delta Locked

Project "Twins of God" Progress Report

Research Team: Omega-5

Project Date: 04/19/1924

Progress Details:

Initial containment of the new Item-001 entity became immediately problematic, as the [EXPUNGED FROM RECORD] and acute radiation sickness across roughly 35% of active staff personnel, resulting in █ casualties. Adjustment of containment procedures became necessary, and the internal structure of the containment site, now designated Site-001, was reinforced. Personnel chambers were moved back to an off-site location roughly 5km from the central testing facility.

An attack on a Foundation research facility in the Sudan by Kingdom of Abaddon forces increased the drastic need for a long-range defense system, and expedited the timeline for an active Item-001. By order of the Foundation Administrator, additional resources were granted to aid in the development of more effective testing protocols.

Another primary concern became the containment of the anomaly within a single human subject. In 100% of all test subjects, while the anomalous nature would transfer with little incident, subjects would become immediately paralyzed and suffer from severe cerebral hemorrhaging. The only evidence of the anomaly taking effect was the sudden and random destruction of on-site structures and personnel, theorized to be the result of a loss of control due to deteriorated mental capacities in the subjects. In 100% of all cases, mind-kill agents were utilized to terminate the Pre-Item-001 entity.

Additional research conducted by off-site personnel gave light to the possibility of spreading the anomaly over a number of subjects3, thus managing the increased mental load of the anomalous properties4.

After a testing run that left Site-001 at reduced capacity to operate, and with the allowance of D-Class personnel transferred off-site to other projects by order of the Foundation Administrator, alternate options for the continuation of the project had to be discussed. After consulting with the Site-17 director, a group of armed agents infiltrated the San Marcos de la Vida Eterna Church in San Marco, and collected a number of young human beings for use in testing. Class A amnestics were applied to the entirety of the remaining San Marco population, who were then transferred to Site-09 for processing. The town of San Marco then became the new Testing Site 001, and 23 of the healthiest subjects were chosen for research, while the rest were subject to termination.

Current Status:

The project is prepared to move on to the next phase of testing on the new 001 testing subject, and is awaiting orders from Central Command. The following letter has been sent ahead of this project update, and reads as follows:

To: Foundation Administrator
From: Omega-5 Team Lead

Administrator Williams,

Due to cuts and withdrawals ordered from your office, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the level of progress expected from this project as per your orders. With no communication from Central Command, we assume that our directive has not been altered.

A proposal to aid in our project reaching its conclusion will follow shortly. We ask that you please note the changes and reply in kind. Your timely response is appreciated.

███ █████
Project Lead

To: Omega-5 Team Lead
From: Foundation Central Command

Your orders have not changed. We are in no less danger now than we were at the inception of your project. Unfortunately, we also must face the harsh reality that we are at war, and our resources are stretched thin. We are having a difficult enough time as is maintaining the secrecy that our cause requires, let alone continuing to do research. I will afford to you the benefits that I can, if for no reason other than your project may be all that can protect us from Abaddon, now.

I have seen your proposal, and while I am obliged ethically to deny the request, I am additionally obliged as the leader of this Foundation to approve it. You may take your pick of the citizens, but only adults, and do not tread heavily through the lives of these innocents. God knows enough blood has been shed on our behalf, I do not wish to spill more.

Administrator Williams,
Foundation Central Command

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