Project Proposal 001 Locked

Memetic kill agent neutralised

Project Proposal: "Twins of God"

Research Team: Omega-5

Project Date: 02/13/1922

Proposal Statement:
To create an anomalous entity, bound by the necessary forces to the command of the Foundation Central Command Administrator, capable of destroying long-range, hostile anomalous threats to Foundation and global security.

Research Team Lead: Dr. ███ █████, Ph.D. (O5-1)

Assistant Leads: ████ ██████ (O5-2), ████ ████ (O5-3)

Requested Resources:

  • Access and use of Item-███ "Subatomic Pumping System".
  • Access and use of Item-███ "Harken's Gateway".
  • Access and use of Item-███ "Multiple Injections".
  • Materials necessary to construct a necessary containment and testing facility.
  • No fewer than 50 adult humans (D-Class) for testing purposes.

Project Details:

Using information gained from recent testing of Item-███ and Item-███, an opportunity has arisen previously unavailable to the Foundation: the ability to, over large distances, alter the quantum makeup of objects in such a way to render the target functionally non-existent2. To this end, it is now considered possible, with the use of Item-███, to transfer these properties to a human subject, which should allow for greater control of the effect. To meet the desired goal of this project, Item-███, Item-███, and Item-███ have been removed from Foundation records, and their containment will take place solely at the primary testing facility.

Under guise of a military waste disposal site for the United States government, a site will be constructed in Northern Mexico, away from civilian populations, in order to safely test these theories. Given the potentially volatile nature of the project, utmost care will be implemented to provide a number of fail-safes in the event of a catastrophic breach of containment. These fail-safes are listed below.

Given the success of the project, the control over the entity, tentatively designated Item-001, is to be handed off to the Administrator of the Foundation, for use against the hostile, anomalous organization classified as GOI-003, "Kingdom of Abaddon". A number of mind-kill agents will be placed within the Item, and access to these agents will be given to the Administrator alone, to act as a fail-safe in order to keep the Item out of the hands of opposition forces.

Fail-safe Containment Procedures:
Alpha: In the event of a catastrophic breach of containment, mind-kill agents placed within Item-001 are to be activated, terminating the entity. Each of these agents has been given a different priority level and should be used in order. They are as follows:

Berkeley Agent: Reduction of motor functions.
Anastasia Agent: Reduction of anomalous capabilities [DEVELOPMENT ONGOING].
Nezbit Agent: Reduction of mental faculties.
Orion Agent: Full chemical dissolution of upper nervous system.
Beta: In the event of a failure of Procedure Alpha, security personnel are to engage and terminate Item-001. Capture is unlikely and unadvised. Personnel are advised to maintain a safe working distance from Item-001, and wear the necessary Foundation-approved anti-rad protection gear. Long range ballistic fire is also advised, as to not immediately attract the attention of Item-001.

Delta: In the event of a failure of Procedure Beta, Foundation-controlled long-range ballistic weapons are to be activated and used directly on Item-001. A perimeter will be established roughly 10 km from the research facility, and no fewer than 10 heavy-shell bombardment cannons are to be placed along the perimeter and utilized during the Delta Procedure.

Epsilon: In the event of a failure of Procedure Delta, an on-site explosive device is to be activated. The Foundation Administrator will oversee followup of Procedure Epsilon.

Project Approval:
Foundation Administrator Frederick Williams
O5-1, Project Lead
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