Personnel Bios
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Dr.Levingtons bio:

At first my friend Mr DaggerMr Dagger got me interested with the SCP foundation.
I found it quite interesting to be fair. Then i got addicted, I found out it was hosted by WikiDot. So i decided to make this website based off the SCP foundation.
With help from Mr DaggerMr Dagger

Mr. Daggers bio:

No, Simply no. If you can find me in the shadows I will tell you my tale but good luck finding me as I am always hidden. Dr LevingtonDr Levington is the only one to have ever found me, so good luck laddie trying to find me and If you do I'll buy you a drink.

PSSST his coordinates are Z: 09382 Y: 83728 X: 2738478 YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME!

Alpha-27 Bio:

Hello, I am Alpha 27Alpha 27 my job here is helping to keep the community mature and to moderate that chat. You can find me in the discussion section of the Main page. My current position is Moderator and I'm looking forward to being promoted by Senior Administrator Mr DaggerMr Dagger

Agent Fleisher's Bio:

Hello, my name is Agent FleasherAgent Fleasher my job here is to manage the staff and keep the staff at peace. My role here is Administrator I help out where I can, sometimes correcting grammatical mistakes and sometimes adding SCPs. If you need help, contact me VIA PM.

TheNil's Bio:

Role: Moderator

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Recovered data:
Other positions:
Pending changes reviewer in Wikipedia
Bureaucrat of [DATA EXPUNGED]
Founder of the Minecraft branch hosted at Miraheze.
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