Paris Massacre
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Black Queen

Queen Yankee-Niner

Hello, I'm Alison

Overseer Five

Baseline: A massacre perpetrated by the Foundation in the town of Paris, Texas in the year 2010, to stop the spread of a virulent memetic agent. Death toll varies, with an average of 23. For the record, this was never our original plan Let her finish.


Existence of the Foundation. Presence of Norton Thames, Jack Bright, Alexander Fredricks, and Diana Lao on the O5 council. Democratic president in office. Existence of the All News Channel.


Due to how recently the event happened, we're still not entirely sure. So far, every universe where the massacre has occurred has also seen a Foundation coup in the next year, replacing 75% of the O5 council. However, this has occurred in at least seven other universes where no massacre took place, so we can't be sure how related the events are. Around half the time, radical anartist Lucille Parsen is killed. Well, that's one good thing to come of this clusterfuck. Besides the continued survival of the United States of America, and possibly the world? Keep saying it enough times and maybe it'll become true.

Instance: Timeline A-0008

Death toll of 30. Event was disguised as a terrorist act by a lone gunman. Led to a significant tightening of gun laws within the United States, but no other unique consequences.

Instance: Timeline A-1112

Death toll of 12, disguised as a fire. Lucille Parsen survived, though with significant injuries, and soon after created the piece “A Comedy of Errors”. It ignited the art world, and helped lead to a resurgence of radical anart and anti-Foundation sentiment. In 2014, a modified version of “Cabin in the Woods” containing a memetic agent was screened at a Foundation movie night, leading to the deaths of 134 personnel and the release of at least seven objects. Ignited. Very clever.

Instance: Timeline B-3471

Initial death toll of 5. The memetic agent used in this version differed from most. Rather than attempting to attack other citizens, the infected began gathering mechanical parts and constructing a machine in the center of town. Due to the low amount of infected persons, the Foundation was two weeks late in becoming aware of the situation. By the time they initiated action, the machine was complete and activated. Biomechanical conversion of the town's population began two hours after activation. After four hours, all sentient life had been at least partially converted. All attempts on the Foundation's part to halt the process failed, and within two weeks the entire planet was gone. As of our last update on the situation, the infection has begun to build itself up off-planet. I don't understand why we're not doing something about this. It's not the first planet lost like this, and it won't be the last. There's nothing we can do. I've seen stuff like this stopped before. Hey, if you want to try, be my guest.

Instance: Timeline C-0974.

Death toll of 24. The existence of the anomalous was common knowledge in the timeline, and control of the United States was split between the Foundation and Coalition. The attack itself was initiated by the Insurgency. Execution of infected individuals was carried out publicly by the Foundation.

Instance: Timeline C-9898

Sorry, it's my first time doing this, I'm not sure how much detail you want. Death toll of around 70, carried out by the Foundation's own memetic kill agent. I wasn't able to get close to gather much info, sorry. They had a large bit of it sealed off. The Foundation released the initial memetic agent on accident, and the “clean-up” one piggybacked off of it. It's kind of weird to explain, I've got notes on it somewhere else. That'll do fine.

Instance: Timeline D-0089.

Death toll of 24,781, the entire population of the city, after the Foundation carpet-bombed the entire town. And hold the fuck up for a moment, why are we still letting the one responsible access our archives? I'm curious too. The rules are clear- any Queen without harmful intent can access it. If killing twenty-five thousand people for convenience's sake isn't harmful intent, I don't know what the hell is. Harmful to us. Convenience? You think I wanted to do it? You think giving the order was easy? You don't know anything about what was going on in that town. If you did, you wouldn't be so quick to judge. Don't bullshit us. You had the entire Foundation, our entire network, any possible resource at your goddamn fingertips and you still thought lighting that town up like Vietnam would be the best idea. Would you like to see the pictures? The videos? There wasn't time. This was the only option that could guarantee success. Whatever. I'm done. This is disgusting. Can we focus?

Instance: Timeline G-1145

Death toll zero. A strike team was sent in by the Foundation, and promptly destroyed by the town's population. Since then, the entire timeline has gone dark.

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