Addendum 4470-A

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Date: May 26, 2066

Primary Objector: Dr. Elif Sakarya

Stated Objection: Upon being informed of SCP-4470 treatment as a requirement of her new position, Dr. Elif Sakarya refused and stated that she found the procedures to be unnecessarily invasive, in violation of EC/O5 JCD-3 specifically, and in violation of basic human rights generally. When presented with standard regulations based on 1 FUL § 89 and 6 FUL § 121, she argued that all extant regulations were illegitimate due to regular executions of unlawful authority by the previous directing body of the Foundation. Dr. Sakarya assured present agents that Alpha-1 OPCOM concurred with her opinion. 12 other objectors made similar arguments within the same time frame.

Subsequent Action: Following review of all relevant regulations, consultation with legal advisers, and examination of the original instating order, Alpha-1 OPCOM rejected arguments against immediate SCP-4470 implementation. Mandatory treatment was subsequently authorized for all individuals in question. 12 individuals consented to participation when informed of mandatory treatment methods. Dr. Sakarya maintained her objections. Intervening action was taken immediately following her attempts to contact individuals in the Foundation's larger security apparatus with close loyalties to her person.

Dr. Sakarya was subsequently confined to a Site-01 medical center, and a timeline was established to minimize interruptions to her schedule. Treatments 1, 2, and 5, and 7 were conducted during a state of medically-induced unconsciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, Dr. Sakarya made several specific threats against the well-being of present medical staff. Physical restraints were applied for the safety of involved personnel.

Treatment 3 was executed repeatedly over the course of 24 hours to ensure a satisfactory baseline of infohazard resistance. Nutrients were provided intravenously throughout this period. Dr. Sakarya reported experiencing extreme discomfort multiple times, but was judged to be within acceptable parameters by attending medical staff. 15 minutes of rest were allowed following completion of the procedure.

Treatment 4 was applied following this rest period. An apparatus was deemed necessary to administer the required amount of SCP-6115 secretion. Dr. Sakarya experienced several allergic reactions to the procedure, including rashes, cervical swelling, and severe ocular irritation. Attending medical staff judged these to be within acceptable parameters. Following administration of the necessary emetic, Dr. Sakarya requested a return to induced unconsciousness. This was denied given the characteristics of the final treatment.

Treatment 6 was applied following a final health assessment. As per standard procedures for establishing pair bonding, Dr. Sakarya was required to experience extended physical contact with the flatworm specimen in symbolically significant areas (hands, abdomen, neck, face.) She was further required to propose a verbal contract with the specimen according to applied thaumaturgic principles. Dr. Sakarya crushed two specimens, and refused to speak following the application of additional restraints. Dr. Sakarya later performed these actions to an acceptable degree after penalties were proposed by Alpha-1 OPCOM. The flatworm was subsequently encased in protective material and administered orally.

Following initial SCP-4470 treatment, Dr. Sakarya demanded the resignation of Alpha-1 OPCOM and all other members of MTF Alpha-1 leadership. Subsequent communication between involved parties reaffirmed that MTF Alpha-1 is subordinate only to the Administrator of the Foundation, and that all other duties are undertaken voluntarily.

SCP-4470 guidelines remain in effect.

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