O5 And Team Leaders Meeting

Time: N/A
Date: N/A

PA: All O5 to the meeting room by order of the SCP FOUNDER.

O5-2: Is everyone here.

Alpha-1: O5-10 is not here 2.

O5-10: Sorry for being so late.
<Begin Log>

O5-2: Ok we are here to discuss a possible alliance with the Silver Kingsmen.]

O5-4: Did we not talk about this already.

PA: MTF squad leaders, report to meeting room 5Ec.
O5-7: lets just get this over with yeah.
Alpha-1: What

O5-2: We are discussing a alliance with the Silver kingsmen, You know the ones who have been delivering escaped SCP’s to us.

Alpha-1: Ahh yeah the ones who helped us take over CI?
O5-4: That is the one were talking about.
Alpha-1: I lost good men in that fight, half of alpha 1.
O5-10: We are still looking for new MTF for you.

Alpha-1: I have some in training as we speak check camera 5B-09
O5-11 Can we get on with this damn meeting already. I need to finish some paperwork.
FOUNDER: Shut up 11.
O5-2: He has a point. Ok we know that the Silver kingsmen have recovered a total of 470 SCP’s for us.
**O5-10:* Alpha 1 lead, What are your thoughts on this?

Alpha-1: its up to -1 and -2 as they are the highest ranks here.
O5-10: I was asking you as you have the most experience with working with them.
Alpha-1: I know that but i refuse to work with them muchmore, i feel that 049 incident was just a simple setup as the SK solider didn't even flinch and he had a red light on him not belonging to sk.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Meeting paused due to unknown phone call.

The Call

Phone Call Held In the O5 meeting room

Date: N/A


O5-1: Hello

Unknown: It’s me Dagger. When you met with the SK to get 049 it wasn’t us.
Yes, We captured and delivered 049.

Neared in the background

Alpha-1: I fucking knew it!

O5-1: Ill get him, he will kill the son of a bitch.

Unknown: We have hold of him mee-

At this time alpha-1's teleportation powers has been shown to be in effect as his manifesting sound can be heard down the phone.

Alpha-1: Hand him over.

Unknown: Fucking hell i forgot you can do that. Wait how did you- Oh wait we told you the dimension coordinates.

// At this time, unknown sounds can be herd in the background, the foundation believe its apart of Alpha-1 with guns and aims it at everyone not knowing of the silverkingsman existence //

Alpha-1 lead: stand down.

Unknown: Erm, Could you not have your entire squad manifest with heavy caliber weapons aiming at us all the time.

Alpha-1 Lead: you think that is all of us, your too dumb.

// A code is whispered down the radio and more members of Alpha-1 seem to appear, all alpha-locker rooms are checked and all was empty. //

unknown: Shit, That’s a lot. Hang on.

silver kingsman PA system: Gate Guards if any trucks bearing the SCP logo manifest don’t talk to them just let them pass.

Unknonw: Alright, You can bring your trucks. Just do me one favour and have them park in bay 1. You can unload your troops and have a look around but no shooting the guide or any of my personnel. Oh and No Stealing anything. Please?

Alpha-1 lead: Sure.


The CI returns

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