Notice From Redacted Site 01 Fileserv Administrator

There is a certain curiosity that all new personnel assigned to Site-01 are expected to express. In fact, it's more often than not a large part of why they get assigned here. That nose-pushing attitude is essential to a lot of the work at Site-01. We are the watchful eye, the sturdy shield, and the sharp sword of humanity. Here, passivity is death.

The X000 SCPs are among the most searched on our private servers. Closely following them are any of the SCPs that typical personnel are absolutely forbidden to know about. (Including this one.) Almost no one who gets assigned here can resist the temptation to look them up on their very first night. (And if our personnel department thought they could, they wouldn't get assigned here!)

There's no need to worry: you're not in trouble for looking so far into 5008's documentation. It's entirely my fault you've seen any of this. Your passphrase is not meant to give you this much access, and the technical fault that led to the error has been corrected.

As I'm sure you've noticed, it's not just sensitive for its strategic functions, but for its critical role in maintaining human sanity. There are ideas simply too dangerous for some people to have. As it turns out, the idea of 5008 is not one you were meant to have.

I've uploaded a cognitohazard to this file. Don't bother scrolling up and looking for it. The paralysis should set in by the time you finish reading this message. A security team will drop by, wipe your memory, and that will be that.

While you're frozen in place, take a minute and think about the oath you took this morning:

— We shall make secure all humanity, even should they live in the blackest places of the earth.
— We shall contain all those that live under the moon and in the other secret places as we do under the sun.
— We shall protect the lives of our own people and those we cannot imprison, so that none ever again howl in heartbreak.

No hard feelings. Welcome to Site-01.

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