My Head Is On Fire And Im Not Ok
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"It was all just a dream!"



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Simon T. Simon @JengaSpectre

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03/13/2019 0:19am


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Topic: No randos | ask Rez before adding someone here | No NSFW (we might have some underage fauna in here)

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<Rez:> Yo, JengaSpectre. You ok?
<_twenty:> i dont think ive had anything that resembles a head in decades. what's that like?
<JengaSpectre:> I FUCKING HATE IT
<Rez:> Can you reel back on the capslock my dude? It's a bit much.
<JengaSpectre:> I'm sorry.
<Rez:> Thank you.
<JengaSpectre:> I'll be more calm about the fact that MY AVATAR IS LITERALLY MELTING
JengaSpectre was kicked by Rez - I was being serious
<_twenty:> i mean, i find caps as annoying as the next guy, but what if he was serious too?
<Rez:> Why would he be on chat if his head was really on fire?
<_twenty:> i dunno. im not human. you tell me.
<Rez:> He probably took a flight down the lego cave and caught some weird existentialism.

Something's spicy.


"Hot" New Infection Going Around The Hippo-Campo-Sphere

The virus people have been calling "HotHead" has caught the collective by surprise.

A Neurovus has been spreading from connection to connection like a california wildfire. It probably helps that the virus is literally fire.

The origin of HotHead is still under investigation by OW mods.

Don't open any packets from unregistered IPs. Don't look at any tiki torches for too long without sunglasses. Corporeals are suggested to double check their anti-malware synapses. Recent surveys estimate that 80% of anti-virus systems are out of date, and need to be replaced.

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_twenty - Jupiter's Rings - Outerspace, Dumbass

@Rez, looks like jenga wasnt fucking around.

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Rez - My Part Time Job - #daydreaming

Ah fuck.

Upvote Reply ·+20 · Could/Be/Worse

tt_tIMe - In My Submarine - Bottom of the Ocean

Oh, you have a friend who caught the virus? I'll keep them in my flaming skull ritual tonight :(

Upvote Reply ·+3 · 5555/555/55

_twenty - Jupiter's Rings - Outerspace, Dumbass

yeah, havent seen the poor bastard in a few days. hes missing out on the wednesday pudding buffet too. he fuckin loves pudding

Upvote Reply ·+5 · Im/Keeping/Score

Rez - My Part Time Job - #daydreaming

I don't know if you're trying to guilt me into doing something, but it's working.

I know Jenga topside, when I wake up I'll go check on him.

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/he/ The Heat
We talk about fire. Like, what more do you want?

Bonfire pic #1412: Nitrous Gas Orb (synApse.psy)
Submitted 12 minutes ago by Lil' Kurk Lee

Stoking the heart (or how I had sex with a pile of ashes) (loewell_highschool.psy)
Submitted 3 hours ago by Hell_on_High

New Virus Literally Burning Down Redist (pithyplights.psy)
Submitted 8 hours ago by Sinfield

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ocin Cured Hams All Day | 34 °C
Ah, that's hot. That's hot

aggressivelyBRITISH Don't Ask Me About Tea | 54 °C
Wait, how? Like… what is there to burn??
10Amps Blastoff Bitch | 72 °C
I don't know but I tried to go to /catfishpics/ and everything was melty. Except the eyes. Those
were some nice catfish eyes.
_twenty Just Floatin' Around | 22 °C
people keep trying to start threads asking for help. end up catching the whole sub on fire.
aggressivelyBRITISH Don't Ask Me About Tea | 54 °C
Is there a way to put it out?
_twenty Just Floatin' Around | 22 °C
what do i look like? the fire department?
aggressivelyBRITISH Don't Ask Me About Tea | 54 °C
Do we have one of those?
10Amps Blastoff Bitch | 72 °C
Of course we do. What do you think the people on /wetdreamers/ do?
_twenty Just Floatin' Around | 22 °C
aggressivelyBRITISH Don't Ask Me About Tea | 54 °C
I wish I didn't ask.


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V1s0n @_twenty

can we get some jellyfish vibes in the retrosphere for the 12-million something corporeals who forgot to update their fire walls? should've gotten the "anti-fire wall" add-on.
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4:02 PM - 14 March 2019


Mods still scrambling like eggs to deal with HotHead Neurovus

Fires have caused structural damage to numerous popular OW platforms.

Over the course of the past 24 hours, the HotHead virus has spread rapidly among corporeals in OW. The sudden and immense pain from this virus has lead to affected users accidentally spreading the virus to numerous platforms including:

  • Redist
  • Void
  • Scorn Hub
  • Instagram
  • World News1

OW platforms are beginning to adopt certificate verification procedures to weed out affected users. Corporeals and Pures must both undergo verification. Both serial number and cereal number verification is being accepted.

You looking for a quick and cheap way to renew your OW connection certificate? Nord VPN offers certificate verification online! Use coupon code LUCID for 10% off.

2 Threads

y'e'l'low - openin' bottles' - Your Local Diner

Wait, why do pures gotta deal with this shit? I haven't seen a single one of us get HotHead!

Upvote Reply ·+75 · pop/hiss/clink

_twenty - Jupiter's Rings - Outerspace, Dumbass

i mean, it's not like they can tell based off your connection if you're pure of corporeal really. its all the same synapse signals. besides it takes like an extra 5ms on connect i think. not that big a deal.

Upvote Reply ·+102 · Im/Keeping/Score

y'e'l'low - openin' bottles' - Your Local Diner

It's still fuckin bullshit. I didn't abandon my physical form for this.

Upvote Reply ·+34 · pop/hiss/clink

srgntpprs - Hit Your Heart With A Club - 0320 Links Street, Suit 012E

Have the mods been able to make any progress with finding out where this thing came from?

Upvote Reply ·+89 · two/and/four

_twenty - Jupiter's Rings - Outerspace, Dumbass

i hear they've only ruled out that its not natural bug. its probably malicous.

Upvote Reply ·+65 · Im/Keeping/Score

srgntpprs - Hit Your Heart With A Club - 0320 Links Street, Suit 012E

Wow, that's not very much progress at all. They should really jump on that.

Upvote Reply ·+32 · two/and/four

_twenty - Jupiter's Rings - Outerspace, Dumbass

theyll get to it. mods have been p busy like, half are just making sure the whole server doesnt burn to the ground. the other half i think are probably taking turns in sensory deprivation closets.

Upvote Reply ·+24 ·

fletcher_HD - Fletcher TV Repair - Irwin County, Nevada

Are you like the official spokesperson for this or something? I see you pop up on almost every single thread about this stuff.

Upvote Reply ·+93 ·

_twenty - Jupiter's Rings - Outerspace, Dumbass

nah, im just a dismebodied consciousness with a few connections, and some free time while nile-prime finally delivers my next jigsaw puzzle.

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> HotHeads is on the loose! Make sure you stay cool with Nord VPN! Get 10% off with coupon code "LUCID" Click here for more info!

You're chatting in #roundertable! Theme is set to (Colder Days)
Topic: No randos | ask Rez before adding someone here | No NSFW (we might have some underage fauna in here) | _twenty in the house | its been lonely | god i really have this topic all to myself dont i?


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Rez has joined #roundertable
<_twenty:> oh hey your back.
<Rez:> My god dude. I leave for like a day and all my feeds are blowing the fuck up about this thing.
<_twenty:> yeah. its been a lot. but i got like 150k rehoots on my last post so thats a new record for me.
<Rez:> … you're really celebrating rehoots right now?
<_twenty:> just looking on the bright side.
<Rez:> Anyways, I checked in Jenga.
<_twenty:> oh nice. hows he doing?
<Rez:> He's doing fine now, but not so good when I got there. Dude was asleep and like, super sick.
<_twenty:> wait, did he like, sleep-answer the door?
<Rez:> No, his landlord let me in. Anyways, he had, like a stupid high fever. Like 104 or something.
<_twenty:> his head was melting in real life?
<Rez:> 104 Farenheit, not celsius.
<_twenty:> oh.
<Rez:> I woke him up and like, did a medicine run for him. His fever started going down after that, but I don't want him going back to sleep yet. I think he'll be fine to log back on once he's like, healthy again. I'm sleeping on his couch in the mean time.
<_twenty:> thats good. tell jenga i say hi.
<Rez:> Will do. In the mean time though… do you know any mods I could talk to? I think I got an idea on what this whole thing is.
<_twenty:> what do you mean?
<Rez:> Well, like, so Jenga's head was on fire the entire time he was asleep right? And his temperature was stupid high…
<_twenty:> uhuh
<Rez:> I think this HotHeads thing is just a fucked up fever dream.
<_twenty:> … mother fucker.
<Rez:> I'm being serious here!
<_twenty:> i know i know. theyll probably listen to you too. one sec ill send a mod your way.
<Rez:> Thanks man, much appreciated.

Something's spicy. [[/=]]


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OW Moderation Team @OW_Moderation_Official

Due to information given to us by user @Rez, we have begun to treat corporeals affected by #HotHeads. We hope to be able to remove the certificate verification requirement within the next 48 hours
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5:41 PM - 16 March 2019


HotHeads Neurovus Receding

Number of cases has dropped by 300% after moderators finally take action

Yesterday, moderators recruited volunteers from the /wetdreamer/ Redist sub to attempt to cure HotHead users.

Corporeal volunteers were sent to the geolocations associated with affected users, and reimbursed for medication necessary.2

Want to be protected from future viruses? Make sure your connection is secure with Nord VPN! Use coupon code LUCID for 10% off.

2 Threads

agreesivelyBRITISH - Don't Ask Me About Tea - Britain, duh

Wait, they actually used the /wetdreams/ sub? What?!?!

Upvote Reply ·+122 · Green/Black/Oolong

10Amp - Blastoff Bitch - The ISS

I mean, that's what they do. They put out fires. Like normally its metaphorical fires but like, this is what that sub is for.

Upvote Reply ·+109 · Green/Black/Oolong

srgntpprs - Hit Your Heart With A Club - 0320 Links Street, Suit 012E

I think you're thinking of /firemen/ which has, and I quote "the hottest dreams around". That's the NSFW one.

Upvote Reply ·+142 · two/and/four

agreesivelyBRITISH - Don't Ask Me About Tea - Britain, duh

I really need my curiosity to stop getting the best of me.

Upvote Reply ·+81 · two/and/four

tt_tIMe - In My Submarine - Bottom of the Ocean

Did they ever figure out who started all of this?

Upvote Reply ·+71 · error/prone/boy

_twenty - Jupiter's Rings - Outerspace, Dumbass

i think that they might've forgotten about some corporeal aspects when checking for natural bugs earlier. from what ive heard this is just a fucked up strain of the common cold. although maybe
someone deployed a corporeal disease maliciously as well. people do some weird things for attention

Upvote Reply ·+65 · Im/Keeping/Score



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