Mission 1 1 C


Alpha 1 and Alpha 27 was dispatched to a distress signal let off by Site 19.
D class and scps was either breached or escaped custody.

Here is their story.

Audio Log - Mission 1-1-C

Control: Alpha 1, Alpha 27 do you read?
Alpha-1: Go control.
Alpha-27: Go for Alpha-27
Control: Alpha-27 and Alpha-1 can we have you dispatched to Site-19 for a distress beacon activated. All communications with Site-19 has been cut.
Alpha-27: Copy that Rapid Response Team Alpha-27 En route ETA: 2 hours.
Alpha-1: Solid copy control wheels up in 5, ETA 5 hours.
Control: Thank you and good luck.

6 Hours later

Alpha-1: Control!
Control: Go alpha-1.

It is confirmed that one of Alpha-1's transport helicopters was struck by a missile belonging to Chaos Insurgency.

Control: Alpha-27.
Alpha-27: Go.
Control: we are receiving a mayday from alpha-1.
Alpha-27: I CAN SEE WHY, MOVE!

It has been confirmed that the Transport helicopter collided with Site-19's main doors.
Alpha-27's commanding officer was stuck by the impact.
Alpha-1's commanding officer appointed command of alpha-27 for now.
Death Toll:
foundation staff: 1
Civilians: 0

Alpha-27: So, sir what do we do now? We are without a commander.
Alpha-1: We take back site 19.

At this moment in time, it was made visible to all parties that they was reclaiming Site 19.

Audio file

captured from body cam

Alpha-27: Alright guys lets get prepared god knows what fucked up things are in here.
Alpha-1: Agreed get ready soldiers. this is what we trained you for.
20 minuets later…
Alpha-27: Control.
Control: Go alpha-27.
Alpha-27: Were breaching site-19 in 20 mic's
Control: Copy that.

Audio captured from body worn cameras

Alpha-1: Control
Control: Go alpha-1
Alpha-1: breaching site-19.
Control: Copy that good luck
Alpha-21 & Alpha-1: 3…2…1.. GO GO GO!

Audio captured from body worn cameras
A829-$£$"!%: Control to A829-$£$"!%
Control: A829-$£$"!% go.
A829-$£$"!%: Successful breach, can you scan the entire site for movement. our heat
signatures are highlighted white
Control: Copy that scanning now.
Scanning… Movement in sectors: 9, 6, D-class, keter, Euclid
Control: A829-$£$"!% we have detected movement in sectors: 9, 6, D-class cells, keter and > Euclid containment cells.
A829-$£$"!%: 10-4 do we know is SCP-096 has breached?
Control: Checking, hold on.
It has shown that SCP-096 has not breached containment.
Control: SCP-096 has not breached containment.
A829-$£$"!%: thank god for that.

Part 4

Audio drawn from body worn cameras.

A829-$£$"!%: CONTROL!
Control: Go A829-$£$"!%
A829-$£$"!%: shit fuck shit 07- ITS 079 SIR!
Control: A829-$£$"!% what about SCP-079
A829-$£$"!%: He-H he trapped me in 049's cell an- and
[signal lost]

At this time A829-$£$"!% has been declared Missing in action (M.I.A) a death notice has been written and will be delivered to A829-$£$"!% next of kin

Part 5

Audio captured from body worn cameras

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This document is not real, these actions has not taken place in fiction time or real time. this was an idea designed by Dr LevingtonDr Levington and he will continue to work on this document for a while.

- Dr LevingtonDr Levington

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