Mission 1 1 A


Mission 1-1-A

Alpha-1: *whispering* Alpha 1 to control.
Control: Go alpha 1
Alpha-1: We have found O5-1 permission to S&C
Control: Affirm, Make sure no one finds you suspicious.
Alpha-1: Thats kind of the trouble. Look at camera 7C-9 their are bodies everywhere.
Control: You went in guns blazing didn’t you.
Alpha-1: Fu&*& YEAH nobody captures a site when were on duty!
Control: Erm, You won’t need to S&C… 05-1 is here..
Alpha-1: I dont care! GO GO G-

Mission update:

Primary task re-secure the site and eliminate all CI.

Secondary task: Don’t die. No seriously we loose to many of you guys.

Alpha-1: Alpha 1 to control.
Control: Go Alpha-1.
Alpha-1: Put your head set on. Now!
Control: I already have a headset on…
Alpha-1: Good, shoot that O5 behind you. It's a decoy.
Control: What?
Alpha-1: We have fingerprint ID on the O5-1. shoot that decoy before he kills you!
Gunshots can be heard from control
Control It’s dead. You might wanna tell the other 05 why I had to shoot him.
Alpha-1: They will understand Show alpha 1 returning to base with VIP.

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